The ‘heckler’s veto’ seems to be winning repeatedly against stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui. Bengaluru has joined the list of cities in which Mr. Faruqui cannot perform because right-wing Hindutva groups routinely threaten to disrupt his shows, wherever they are scheduled to be held. The Bengaluru city police asked the organisers to put off a show on November 28, alleging that allowing it to go on would create law and order problems and disrupt peace and harmony. Mr. Faruqui was unjustly arrested in Indore in January after a BJP functionary’s son complained that he was about to denigrate Hindu gods in a planned show. He had to spend 37 days in prison before obtaining bail from the Supreme Court for remarks that had not been made in a show that did not take place. It is this case, in which the police arrested even local organisers and those selling tickets for the show and had nothing to do with the content of his performance, that has been cited by the Bengaluru police while voicing

In appointing its first ever woman Prime Minister, former Finance Minister and member of the Social Democratic Party Magdalena Andersson, Sweden joined other Nordic nations that have had a woman as a leader. Ms. Andersson’s entry was unusually dramatic — she was thrust into the prime ministerial berth for scarcely a few hours last week as she had to resign owing to a coalition partner, the Green Party, quitting government after its budget proposal was defeated in the Riksdag. Nevertheless, she went on to secure the top position on a firmer footing after another vote was held where she surpassed the threshold for maximum level of opposition to her prime ministership — she faced 173 ‘nay’ votes whereas it would have taken 175 of those to keep her from taking up the leadership mantle. She takes over from her predecessor, Stefan Löfven, in complex political circumstances, given that he was heading a caretaker government after being defeated in a vote of no confidence in June 2021. Hailing

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