26/11 tape: Terrorist talks to TV

This is an intercepted conversation of the terrorist subsequently talking to India TV, faithfully carrying out the instructions given to him by Zabiuddin Ansari in the earlier tape.

Translation of the audio





SH: So many Muslims were butchered. Our mosques are demolished, and we were not allowed to even sleep peacefully? Our sisters and mothers were killed, why nobody talked of surrender then? Let the commandoes come, we will make their children orphans.

F.A: Where are you from? Which group are you linked to?

SH: I am from Hyderabad, and I am related to the Southern Mujaheedeen.

A: Hyderabad in Pakistan?

SH: No dear, Southern Hyderabad. In the South. South.

A: So what are your demands?

SH: What are our demands? Have patience for a minute (hangs up), (Calls again.)

A: Shah is with us. So what are your demands? What do you have to say? The entire India can hear you and see you.

F.A: How many of you have come and what places do you plan to attack?

SH. We want all Mujaheedeens in Indian jails to be freed. Then we will free the hostages. Otherwise you know what we can do.

F.A: How many of you are there in Oberoi Hotel?

SH. Why should I tell you?

A: We need to know, since you have been talking about waging a war. We need to know how many men.

SH. We are seven, seven.

A: In the Oberoi Hotel?

SH. Yes, yes

A: Is the freedom of Mujaheedeens your only demand?

SH: Yes, and also Muslims in India should not be harassed. They demolished the Babri Masjid and harass Muslims.

A: Shah, you are Indian, you say, and a resident of Hyderabad. Don’t you have any love for your nation? Because when you kill, your brothers and sister might also be killed.

SH: We love our country. But when our mothers and sisters are killed you couldn’t see the love. Ok, Allah Hafiz.