Why the move to liberalise India’s geospatial data is important | The Hindu In Focus Podcast

In today’s episode we will discuss the sweeping changes made by India in the regulation of geospatial data and maps.

The rules governing the sector have been liberalized in a complete reversal of the government's approach till date. According to the new guidelines, entities and individuals required no prior approval or security clearance, or a license for collecting, processing, publishing or storing data. India currently relies quite heavily on foreign technologies in mapping. And so the new policy seeks to spur innovation on the ground in this sector in India.

Many experts have welcomed this move and in this podcast we’ll discuss the significance of the new guidelines and what impact they could have on the ground.

Our guest today is Devdatta Tengshe. He is a geographic information systems professional who works with both private and public sector clients in the mapping industry. He earlier worked with ISRO as a remote sensing scientist.

Guest: Devdatta Tengshe

Host: Sriram Srinivasan

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