Watch | What are 'green' crackers?

In October 2018, the Supreme Court allowed bursting of low-emission crackers relaxing the 'complete ban' issued in 2017. Such 'green' crackers were researched and developed by scientists at CSIR-NEERI as per the court's directions.

'Green' crackers have a small shell size compared to traditional crackers. They are produced using less harmful raw materials and have additives which reduce emissions by suppressing dust.

Currently, the fireworks industry in India is pegged at ₹1,800 crore per annum. CSIR has signed agreements with 230 companies to manufacture the crackers and make them available for sale.

Green crackers don't contain banned chemicals such as lithium, arsenic, barium and lead. They are called Safe Water Releaser (SWAS), Safe Thermite Cracker (STAR) and Safe Minimal Aluminium (SAFAL) crackers.

Green crackers release water vapour and don't allow the dust particles to rise. They are designed to have 30% less particulate matter pollution.

QR codes on green cracker packages will help consumers scan and identify counterfeits.

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