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The art of writing has evolved over the years and so have the instruments used to write. We have moved a long way from writing on stones and leaves to now using computers, threatening traditional pen-and-paper writing practices like calligraphy.

But new crop of artists are capitalising on the power of platforms like Instagram to help netizens discover the power of handwriting. Here are five Indian modern calligraphers who are taking instagram by storm.

Sadhika Gupta (@delhidoodler08)

Four years ago, it was a post on Instagram that opened Sadhika's eyes to the beauty of brush calligraphy propelling her to start experimenting with the art form. “I was drawn to the way it could instantly bring words to life,” she says.

Bhavika Malhotra (@theinkaffair)

“My day job involved understanding typography, calligraphy, and fonts,” says Bhavika. Three years ago a stint in a digital marketing agency ushered her obsession with the art form. She has her own popular font, Wild Magnolia.

Arunoday Singh (@sufisoul)

Arunoday is cautious about labels and refuses to call himself a calligrapher. He says, “That implies being able to write in multiple fonts.” He explains, “I just write in my own handwriting which is rather calligraphic.

”Georgy Roy (@gy_roy)

George says “Calligraphy is an art that breaks the typographical structure by adding a natural quality to the designs being shown." With three years of experience under his belt, he sticks primarily to hand-lettering which, quite literally, means drawing letters by hand.

Avinash Kharat (@avinash_calligraphy)

Avinash uploads videos of the technique to his social media audience of over 20,000. The strategy has paid off, bringing in deals with clients like Louis Vuitton and Gucci “My technique has allowed me to stay unique over the decade,” he says.

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