The clash at Naku La and state of play ahead of 10th round of talks between India and China | The Hindu In Focus Podcast

News broke on Monday, January 25, that Indian and Chinese troops clashed at Naku La in North Sikkim last week, in what the Army termed a “minor face-off”, resulting in some minor injuries on both sides. This was denied completely by Chinese media, but we’ll start by looking at the details of what we know about that incident.

Also, on the preceding Sunday the ninth round of corps commander talks took place and by all accounts it was a marathon affair though the statement that finally emerged was rather cryptic.

As we head into the tenth round of talks what can we expect? And what can we read into the incident at Naku La? I’m joined by Dinakar Peri, The Hindu’s defence correspondent and Ananth Krishnan, The Hindu’s China correspondent to discuss.

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