‘Vision of T-Hub 2.0 is bigger, bolder’

Chief Innovation Officer at T-Hub, Panneerselvam Madanagopal, spoke about the kind of support they provide to start-ups, the kind of companies that are with them, and how one can become part of the space, vision of T-Hub 2.0.

What is the vision of T Hub 2.0?

The vision is bigger, bolder and global. We are already on the global scene of start-ups, we are the third largest start-up ecosystem in the world. But the quality of start-ups and the kind of scale at which innovation needs to happen can definitely be better. Our vision is to make unique, innovative, niche business out of India rather than replicate what has succeeded in the past. So that’s where the value creation lies for Indian start-ups.

If somebody wants support from T-Hub, what is the basic procedure?

They can go to any of the social media handles or website of T-Hub. There is a contact form in the website. They can reach us at LinkedIn, or social media. We will respond within 48-72 hours.

What kind of support can be expected after becoming part of T-Hub 2.0?

We provide start-ups with mentorship, market access, and money which is funding, motivation, and creating entrepreneurial mindset, and manpower.

Is there any fee that one has to pay to become part of this space?

We charge a nominal fee for some of our programmes. Most of the corporate innovation programmes or any connects for start-ups is free.

Did any company already become part of this place?

This place is a carry forward. This will be the new T-Hub. The existing facility will cease to operate and we will be present here. The existing 215 start-ups will by default move here.

Today, we have almost 50 plus category of start-ups here. We have fintech, health tech, edu tech start-ups. We have IOT, Block Chain, and emerging tech start-ups. These contribute to close to 80% of our portfolio. But we also have agri-tech and other categories.

As chief innovation officer, what is your message to budding entrepreneurs?

The only message I have is think for India, think for Bharat because there are more problems to solve in India and for the Indian population, compared to replicate what has been successful in the past. Don’t tread the safe path. Tread something bolder and bigger.

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