Swimmer names ambulance service after Sonu Sood

Swimmer Shiva welcoming Sonu Sood to the launch of his ambulance service in Hyderabad on Tuesday.   | Photo Credit: PTI

Inspired by actor Sonu Sood’s goodwill gestures, a Good Samaritan here, who saved several people from drowning in the historic Hussainsagar located in the heart of the city, started ‘Sonu Sood Ambulance Service’ on Tuesday.

Shiva, a swimmer, says he saved over 100 people from drowning in the lake when they attempted suicide following which people started referring him as ‘Tank Bund Shiva’ for his brave acts.

After noticing his selfless deeds, people started giving him donations. With that money, he bought an ambulance and named it after Bollywood actor Sonu Sood.

“People have donated money to me for my family. But I spent that amount to purchase an ambulance. I named the ambulance as Sonu Sood Ambulance Service because I was inspired by his good work,” Shiva said.

Sonu Sood, who was in the city, launched the free ambulance service and praised Shiva for his work and felt that more “heroes” like him are needed today. “I feel privileged that I came for this ambulance inauguration. All thanks to Shiva. I have heard a lot about him that he has been saving lives and helping people and we need more Shivas (people like him) in our society so everyone should come forward and help others,” Sood told reporters.

This ambulance service will also save many lives, the actor said, adding the COVID-19 pandemic has taught so much that in emergencies everyone has to come forward like a family and help others.

“People like Shiva inspire others and inspire the society. It feels happy that this (ambulance service) will also help a lot of needy people and help save many lives,” Sood added.

Shiva has been living near Tank Bund for the past two decades. Following the death of his younger brother in a drowning incident, he started rescuing people who jump into the lake to end their lives. He has also been helping the police retrieve bodies from lakes, a police official said.

Hailing Sood as a ‘real hero’, villagers of Dubba Tanda of Siddipet district had built a temple and installed a bust in December 2020, admiring him for his work in helping migrants reach their homes amid the pandemic.

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