Many COVID patients opting for OP consultations

Threat of a COVID wave means fears of lockdown and chances of near and dear ones getting hospitalised, even landing in ICUs. Needless to mention the emotional and financial distress of family members if such a thing happens.

But, the question remains that “Is the current COVID wave gradually turning milder and relieving people from distress?”

Well, if one goes by the recent scenario at hospitals, a large number of COVID patients are opting for Out-Patient (OP) consultations as they have mild symptoms.

General physicians and pulmonologists are saying that such patients are recovering in 5-7 days. However, the observation is not devoid of a rider and a strong caution is not to let down your guard.

Also, even mild symptoms are a cause of discomfort with headaches and body aches for a few days. Other milder symptoms include scratchy throat, nose block, mild cough or cold.

Neglect at your own peril

Some patients who had high grade fever for more than five days, and severe cold, but did not go to a doctor and did not take proper medication, landed in ICUs or needed oxygen support after a few days of the infection.

The demand for COVID ICU and oxygen beds across the State have increased from a maximum of 450 and 570 till January 10 to 674 and 1,164 on Thursday.

Another reason for the caution is if someone has Delta variant and neglects treatment, the health condition might worsen after a few days or a week after testing positive. This was pointed out by Health department officials earlier.

And no one knows about the long term effects of Omicron variant.

Senior consultant physician at KIMS Dr. K. Shivaraju, who has been seeing hundreds of COVID patients for the last few weeks, said that most of them had mild symptoms, only a few had loss of smell and taste, and there were less lung infections.

“The infection is restricted to the upper respiratory tract in most cases,” he said. The doctor stressed on the role of vaccines in milder infections.

Consultant physician at Sunshine Hospital Dr. Tudi Pavan Reddy said that most cases were asymptomatic or mild.

“If anyone has high grade fever for seven days, and co-morbidities, they have to consult doctors. Some people are delaying this and that is leading them to ICU admission or oxygen support,” said Dr Pavan.

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