Land records to be moved to blockchain

The State government intends to make land records tamper-proof by moving them to a blockchain platform in a phased manner, Dharni Project special officer Rajat Kumar Saini said on Friday.

He was speaking at a panel discussion on Ushering Mass Blockchain Adoption – The India Way at the International Blockchain Congress on Friday. “Say, a person ‘X’ is there on a land record. This has to be changed to ‘Y’ and there are say five steps for going from ‘X’ to ‘Y’, to mutate the name. So, once all these five steps are done or recorded, it would make a block. Then that block shall be validated in the layer of blockchain. Once it has been validated, only then the records shall be changed,” he said.

The government, he pointed out, does not intend to move all land records to a blockchain platform in an instant. “Only validated transactions would be moved to the blockchain. Slowly, as we get comfortable and land records become clearer and cleaner, we would be moving the entire land records to the blockchain,” he said.

Telangana State Council of Higher Education Vice-Chairman Prof V. Venkata Ramana said blockchain can be used for global verification of credentials and certificates, student financing and creating knowledge banks.

Officer on Special Duty at the Department of Information Technology, Electronics and Communications Rama Devi Lanka said that vehicle fitness can be monitored if its details are moved to a blockchain platform. “We are putting processes related to the vehicle from manufacturing and its dealers to the time it turns to scrap. The entire health history of the vehicle will be made available,” she said.

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