Kodandaram calls for struggle against TRS Govt.

Professor Kodandaram at Telangana Jana Samithi Foundation Day Meeting in Hyderabad on Sunday.   | Photo Credit: G_RAMAKRISHNA

Telangana Joint Action Committee former chairman M. Kodandaram on Sunday called upon people to wage a sustained struggle against the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti government, which, he said, was toeing the line of contractors and corporates at the expense of the common man whose sufferings continued even after the formation of the separate State. Prof. Kodandaram, who expressed concern over the “rampant irregularities” that became the hallmark of the current government, exhorted people to bring down the TRS government, which had miserably failed to fulfil the aspirations for which the people participated in the sustained struggle that achieved statehood to Telangana. He was addressing an impressive gathering at a public meeting convened to mark the launch of the Telangana Jana Samiti, a new political party that had been formed to fight against the “dictatorial attitude” of the government.

Prof. Kodandaram was unanimously elected president of the new political party, which was formed as part of the political developments in the State, which exposed a conflict between the democratic aspirations and the dictatorial government. The new party would fight for alleviation of the plight of farmers, youth, women and other sections and would work for a change in governance rather than change in the individuals who were running the government.

Open debate sought

He dared the government to come for an open debate on the “rampant irregularities” in different sectors which had become hurdles in the path of fulfilment of aspirations for which people had waged a relentless struggle. “Let the government decide the date and venue. The statistics present a woeful picture of the status of different sections,” he said.

State was endowed with vast resources and the means to fulfil the aspirations of people. But, the TRS cared little about the expectations of people and was working to serve the interests of a section of contractors. “The State’s all-round development is possible provided there is no diversion of funds. We will order inquiries into the irregularities including diversion of funds if we are voted to power,” he said.

The TJS president wanted the officials to ensure that they went by rules without bowing to the dictates of the select few, failing which they would be held responsible for the irregularities. Ensuring health, education and housing needs for the poor would be the top priority of the TJS which was committed to inquiring into the “irregularities” that took place in land allocations to corporates.

Civil Liberties leader G. Haragopal lamented that people were faced with a government which displayed dictatorial tendencies at the State level, while they had to put up with a “fascist” government at the Centre. “The Government is not insulated from criticism. But the current government is not allowing people to conduct meetings even on their own premises,” he said. He said the restrictions imposed by the present government were nothing but “birth pangs” in the struggle for a democratic Telangana where people would have the right to express their feelings.

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