KCR is a betrayer of BCs, says BJP

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao. File

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao. File | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party, on Wednesday, demanded that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Government release a ‘white paper’ on funds spent for welfare of Backward Classes (BC) and Most Backward Classes (MBCs) in the last eight years and announce ‘BC Bandhu’ immediately to atone for ignoring them.

Party president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar on his eighth day of the ‘Praja Sangrama Yatra’ third phase, which began at Sunkenapalli in Nakrekal constituency, released a statement about the budget allocated to BCs, amounts released and the actual money spent for their welfare under various heads with the information sourced through RTI.

“Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is a BC betrayer. The pathetic manner in which the government has dealt with the BC and MBC Corporation when scores of people had applied for loans for self-employment and other means has exposed its intent. Justice will be done for the weaker sections only when we send this regime packing,” he said.

BCs constitute 50% of population in TS yet they continue to be denied their rightful role in the political, financial and social spheres with not even 10% of the allocated funds for their welfare being spent. The RTI replies show proof of the “duplicitous” nature of KCR as he had promised to provide legal cover to BC Sub Plan but had not done so. In 2017, the BC legislators had met and passed 210 resolutions for the government to act, this too was ignored, he charged.

Budget allocated for MBC Corporation was ₹3,305 crore and ₹77.46 crore was spent. While 5.70 lakh had applied for loans under self-employment, 50,000 got loans. From among the MBCs of 13,369 applications just 1,419 got them. For the barber community, ₹660 crore was allocated, ₹196 crore was released and just ₹60 crore was spent. About 3.5 lakh shepherds and others had paid ₹31,250 each for supply of goats and sheep but it was yet to materialise.

About 600 toddy tapers had died since 2014 and 4,000 had become disabled but the promise of providing them five acres of palm trees, pensions for those crossing 50 years of age and others had been a non-starter, he maintained. Similarly, Valmiki Boya Corporation was allocated ₹30.46 crore but just ₹5.98 crore was spent.

From among washerman community 56,850 sought loans of which 5,720 got loans. Of the ₹551 crore allocated, just ₹60 crore was spent and nine new dhobi ghats were built. The weavers cooperatives got reduced to 220 from more than 400 earlier.

“I have personally got to understand the issues of these and other BC communities during the course of my walkathon. Their family occupations are not fetching them any returns while alternative employment opportunities are not there with the government totally neglecting them. There has been no change for the better in their lives under this government,” he claimed.

The BJP leader alleged that even education was being denied with public universities facing fund and infrastructure crunch and a free run given to private universities that were not providing the quota. Politically, 22 MLAs and three ministers hailed from the BCs when in contrast the Central Government was led by a BC and 40% ministers hailed from weaker sections.

Besides, the Modi Government had provided 27% quota in professional courses and given constitutional status to the National BC Commission, he added in his note. Mr. Sanjay Kumar was scheduled to walk for 14.5 km and retire for the night at Siripuram.

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