Heavy-flowing Penganga threatens to breach banks

Women making an offering to river Penganga which was flowing close to danger mark at the bridge on inter-State border with Maharashtra in Adilabad district on Friday.   | Photo Credit: S_HARPALSINGH

A dozen years after it caused extensive damage to crops and property in old undivided Adilabad district, the swollen Penganga river threatened to breach its banks on Friday. About 4 lakh cusecs of water flowed under the high level bridge at Dollara village in Jainad mandal, considered to be the gateway to the South from Central India, which delineates the inter-State border of Telangana and Maharashtra.

The situation was a reminder of August 6, 2006, when the waters flowed over the bridge and entered several villages and fields creating problems for the common man. The situation was also a grim reminder of the consequences of excess inflows in dams and consequent release of surplus water into the stream.

The Penganga has a catchment area of only 19,000 sq km up to the bridge in Adilabad district and flooding is caused when surplus discharge is made from the irrigation projects upstream in Maharashtra. As Yavatmal and other districts in Maharashtra received good rainfall the dams on Penganga were brimming since the previous day.

“There are six dams across Penganga in Maharashtra called Isapur, Sapali, Adan, Arnavati and Upper Poos and Lower Poos,” disclosed Adilabad Irrigation Deputy Executive Engineer Tulsiram Chennabathni. “The Isapur dam is located about 180 km from the Penganga bridge at Dollara,” he added while trying to explain the dynamics of water flow upstream.

On Friday, the maximum water level at which it flowed under the 14.5 m high bridge was 13.8 m.

“This is certainly huge but not a cause for alarm,” Mr. Tulsiram opined.

“The maximum flood discharge at Penganga, 216.98 m was recorded on August 6, 2006 which had caused enormous damage. The maximum flood discharge on Friday was only 212.9 m so there is no scope for worry,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Penganga water entered cotton fields and surrounded the villages of Pendalwada, Kamai, Sangvi (K) and New Sangvi, Korata, Akoli and Kedarpur in Jainad mandal and Maniarpur, Kamgarpur, Sangdi in Bela mandals.

It also poses a threat to Sirpur (T) and Koutala in KB Asifabad as the flood water reaches these mandals sometime during the night.

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