Crackdown on illegal sand mining in Karimnagar

To check illegal sand quarrying and transportation and avoid depletion of ground water table, the Karimnagar Police Commissionerate has cracked the whip against those involved in these activities, registering 30 cases and seizing 60 lorries in a span of three months.

In this time period, the police have also seized two tippers and 14 JCBs, besides seizing 344 lorries and 98 tractor loads of sand stored in illegal dumps.

Initially, the police relied on checking vehicles at check-posts to keep a close surveillance on illegal transportation of sand. Recently, they have pressed into service drone cameras to monitor storage of sand in secret dumps across the shores of Manair river. The drone camera operations have yielded good results, especially in the Karimnagar rural police station limits, and secret sand dumps covered with hay have been discovered.

Majority of the illegal operations and storing sites were found in Elgandal, Khazipur, Ilavonipalli, Veldhi and other villages of Karimnagar rural areas. The Kothapalli police station had registered 21 cases, LMD police station three cases, Huzurabad police station four cases, Gannevuravam and Illandakunta one case each.

Police say that illegal transportation has come down drastically after the police exercising their iron hand. Earlier, after seizing the sand-laden vehicles, police handed over the culprits to the Revenue, Mines and Geology Departments, for further action. However, the culprits managed to go scot-free most often. Now, police are registering criminal cases against the drivers and owners, forcing them to appear before the court.

Additionally, the police have also launched an awareness campaign to discourage people from engaging in illegal sand quarrying operations and help in replenishing ground water table. As part of the campaign, vehicles fixed with public address systems have been touring villages along the shores of Manair river bed, announcing the ill-effects of illegal sand quarrying on the farming community. People were also warned that robbery cases would be registered against persons involved in illegal activities.

Commissioner of Police V.B. Kamalasan Reddy reiterated these warning, requesting those involved in illegal activities to shun the trade. He said PD Act would be invoked against persons involved in the illegal sand quarry and transportation, apart from imposing heavy fines on vehicles seized during the police inspections.

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