CPI(M) calls for fight against TRS, BJP policies

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) State committee has called upon the party cadre and people to fight against the policies of the TRS government which are benefitting the rich at the expense of the poor as well as fight the communal politics of the BJP.

The political resolution adopted by the CPI(M) State conference expressed concern over the soft stance adopted by the TRS on the BJP, which it said is trying to gain foothold in the State through its divisive policies. “Though the BJP has been trying to divide people on communal lines, the TRS is adopting opportunistic stand on the issue,” he resolution said.

The ruling party is also dilly-dallying on taking a firm stand against the BJP government at the Centre, which is attempting to usurp the powers of the State. “The TRS is indulging in sale of lands rather than fighting the Centre to secure the State’s due share of funds,” the resolution said adding the TRS’ actions indicate how it is soft pedaling on the BJP which is openly promoting the policies of hatred.

The resolution expressed concern over the mounting public debt that reached ₹2.86 lakh crore according to the latest information. The government is however trying to mobilise resources in the name of corporations floated for projects. These funds would not be reflected in the budget, but would be burden on the people of the State. “The government is indulging in huge cuts in the allocations made to marginalised sections like dalits, tribes, women and BCs. There was cut of ₹30,000 crore in the allocations made for dalits,” the resolution said. Though the government is harping on development as its focus for raising resources, investors in the construction companies, pharma, real estate and other sectors are being benefitted with these amounts. The government had no doubt announced loan waiver for farmers, but the scheme had covered less than 1/3rd of the eligible ryots. Farmers are already suffering on account of spurious seed as well as non-procurement of their produce by government agencies. This is in addition to the government’s moves to take away assignment and podu lands on the pretext of developmental projects.

The government is also silent on the exploitation of common people by corporate hospitals in the name of Covid-19 pandemic. Unrest is building up among different sections of people and the BJP is trying to take advantage of the situation by taking forward its communal policies.

The party was equally critical of the Congress whose leaders, it said, are not worried about the plight of the people - but are eyeing power. The CPI (M) had therefore decided to strive for an alternative with Left and democratic forces to oppose the government’s policies.

The CPI (M) conference has demanded that the government bring out a comprehensive legislation for the benefit of agricultural labour, besides ensuring that prices for grain procured from farmers were fixed on a scientific basis. In another resolution, the party demanded that the Centre stop its discriminatory attitude towards Telangana and liberally extend assistance to the State.

Steps should be taken to enhance reservation for tribes to 10% and also to ensure that the entire budgetary allocations for their welfare is spent without fail.

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