Another bout of heavy flood into Srisailam likely

The Srisailam reservoir, one of the two common projects for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on which several irrigation systems in the two States are dependent, is set to get another bout of heavy flood this season, following discharge of a sizeable quantity of water from the Tungabhadra dam from Friday evening.

Although small quantities of flood was being released into the river course intermittently both from Tungabhadra and Jurala projects through power generation towards Srisailam in the last 10 days, it started to grow sizeable at Tungabhadra on Friday morning and the discharge crossed 65,000 cusecs by the evening, flood monitoring officials said, explaining the fluctuating flood.

“As a result, the inflows at Sunkesula barrage started to pick up and by 3 pm on Saturday, they were in the range of about 24,000 cusecs and in the next three hours the spillway discharge from the barrage has gone past 36,000 cusecs,” the officials said, adding that it was expected to increase proportionately to the water release from Tungabhadra constantly. With the Central Water Commission (CWC) forecasting further increase in the inflows into Tungabhadra, they were expected to reach or cross one lakh cusecs on Saturday night.

On Saturday afternoon, the flood discharge through the spillway at the Tungabhadra dam was recorded above 85,800 cusecs by lifting 20 gates for 2.5 ft height each and eight more gates for one foot each. Similarly, the inflows into Jurala, which were fluctuating between 15,000 cusecs and 20,000 cusecs, increased to over 22,000 cusecs by Saturday evening, allowing a discharge of 16,000 cusecs towards Srisailam through power generation. The water level in Srisailam was at its best at about 874 ft (158.5 tmc ft storage) against the full reservoir level of 885 ft (215.81 tmc ft) on July 31, in spite of drawal of water from the reservoir through the Pothireddypadu and Handri-Neeva systems by AP and Kalwakurthy by Telangana. In the upstream of Tungabhadra river, AP has also been drawing water for K.C. Canal system. Water level in Srisailam kept receding from 874 ft level as part of release of 62 tmc ft water to Nagarjunasagar as mandated by the Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) from July 28 to August 22. At 7 pm on Saturday, the water level in Srisailam stood at 869.2 ft (138.27 tmc ft) and in Nagarjunasagar, it was 519.8 ft (149.09 tmc ft) against the FRL of 590 ft.

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