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Woman with several anomalies undergoes cardiac surgery

A 55-year-old woman with multiple congenital heart defects recently underwent a single-stage surgery to correct the anomalies. She is doing well now, the Kauvery hospital said.

The woman was brought to the hospital with complaints of severe chest and back pain, and high blood pressure. Since her ECG readings were abnormal, doctors performed a coronary angiogram. However, when the catheter was passed through an artery in the groin, it could not be negotiated into the heart because of a congenital narrowing of the aorta called ‘coarctation of aorta,” said Suresh Kumar, chief cardiologist. Three per 10,000 births in the country could be present with the condition.

The doctors then decided to perform the angiogram through the arm. However, she had a critical block in the artery, supplying the leftventricle (coronary arteries) and required intervention. On further investigation, the woman was also found to have a congenital abnormality in her aortic valve, which was bicuspid (two), instead of three leaflets, causing a leak (aortic regurgitation).

A hospital release said around 0.5 to 1.4% of the world’s population may be born with bicuspid aortic valve.

“She required four procedures to rectify the defects,” said A.R. Raghuram, senior consultant cardiothoracic surgeon. First, a bypass surgery to deliver adequate blood flow to the obstructed left anterior descending artery. Then the coarctation of aorta was repaired after which the leaky aortic valve was replaced. “To make things more complicated, it was found during the surgery that she had a very narrow base to which the aortic valve was attached. This is called ‘narrow aortic root’ and required another procedure of widening to implant an artificial valve,” he said.

The doctors made a 15 cm incision on the chest and in a seven-hour procedure, all anomalies were rectified. Her blood pressure was also controlled post-surgery.

Hospital co-founder Aravindan Selvaraj said, “The woman showed tremendous will power to recover. She endured all the procedures boldly and was fully awake and talking the next day.” He credited the success of the procedure to the skill and expertise of the doctors.

The woman recovered completely and was discharged on the fifth day after the procedure, a release added.

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