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Terrace is their pathway to health

People take an evening walk on a terrace. Photo: Prashant Nakwe

People take an evening walk on a terrace. Photo: Prashant Nakwe  

Walkers and runners find new ways to keep themselves fit during the lockdown

Every morning, 42-year-old Muralidharan Parthasarathy would meticulously follow a strict fitness regimen and run for at least an hour. But COVID-19 changed everything. After trying a couple of workouts and even running inside the house, he finally discovered joy and comfort in running on the terrace. “Everyday, I try to run for 4-6 km; though it is different from going for a run outside, it still feels refreshing,” he says.

Regular walkers and runners in the city have now taken to the terrace to practice a healthy lifestyle during the lockdown. Since most households put out clothes to dry on the terrace, it comes as a hindrance while walking or running. To avert that issue, some say they draw an alphabet or a number on the floor of the terrace and run or walk along that path and many others, just run or walk around the perimeter of the terrace. “I run in an L-shape path. Initially, I started running for 4 km and then tried to cover 25 km a day once. It has become a practice now and I’m in love this routine in the evening,” he adds.

Similarly Sridhar Rajamohan, a 32-year-old working professional in the city, runs for 7 km in his terrace every day to keep himself fit and his diabetes under control. “I take an L-shaped path to run every evening. Initially, I found it a tad bit inconvenient and restricted but now, with time, I have gotten used to it. I see many of my neighbours too walking in the terrace post lockdown,” he says.

Forty-four-year-old working professional T.S. Pradeep Kumar has drawn the shape of 8 and walks along that pattern. “This is to ensure there is consistency and speed while walking the 4 km. I listen to music and speak to my friends during this time. I find it a great stress-buster,” he adds.

P. Shrilekha, a 39-year-old homemaker says, she too has adopted ‘8-shaped’ walking and looks forward to the time after finishing her chores. “It is a time that I have for myself and it helps me destress after a long day. After going to the terrace, we have also been able to meet our neighbours and speak to them while walking. Of course we keep physical distancing in mind as well,” she adds.

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