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In pictures: The 10-day hunt to capture a wild elephant


In December 2020, the Tamil Nadu State Forest Department found a broken tusk of a wild elephant in Gudalur in The Nilgiris. The ‘brash’ elephant is said to have trampled three people to death. Soon a search operation was launched to tranquilise and capture the elephant.

However, the jumbo nicknamed as ‘Shankar’ escaped into Kerala’s Nilambur forest, thanks to his herd of five females, three males and a calf.

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‘Shankar’ was spotted again in Tamil Nadu on February 3, 2021, and since then a massive search operation was launched, which included a team of four kumkis (trained elephants), forest veterinary officers and other veterinarians.

The Hindu’s photographer M. Sathyamoorthy has documented the 10-day operation. Here are the images.

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