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Creating environmental awareness through Gond art

Artists paint on the walls of Central Prison in Salem. Photo: E.Lakshmi Narayanan
Vignesh Vijayakumar SALEM 12 July 2020 19:36 IST
Updated: 12 July 2020 19:36 IST

Teachers of Salem schools draw paintings on the walls of Central prison

The tall walls of the Central Prison in Salem have become the canvas for tribal art aimed at creating awareness on the importance of conserving environment.

The paintings are based on Gond art, an art form practised by tribal communities in north India, say the organisers who have taken up the project.

Aakkam - the Centre for Alternate and Sustainable Development Studies at Golden Gates and Emerald Valley School here have initiated the project.


Meena Sethu, correspondent of the schools, said, “ The paintings are done to create awareness among the public that the world is for all living beings and not just humans. Gond art is primarily based on animals. About 48 small and large size paintings will be done on the prison walls here.” she said.

Slogans on protecting the environment will also be written on the walls in both, English and Tamil. While children are also generally involved in these activities, due to COVID-19 restrictions only art teachers have been involved in the project, she said.

Jail Superintendent Thangatamilselvan said the artworks would help create awareness among people as the prison is located in one of the important areas. The prison inmates and jail personnel have done artworks of national leaders and Tamil culture inside the prison premises, he added.