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CIBA develops indigenous bacteriophage for shrimp farms

Bacterial diseases remain a major threat to the shrimp industry, often causing huge economic loss to the hatchery owners. Now, the Chennai-based Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (CIBA) has developed a bacteriophage-based product which will only target and kill disease-causing bacteria and will not harm other micro-organisms.

“This product is effective in biocontrol of the bacterial diseases in shrimp hatchery settings which would help produce quality shrimp seeds, free from antibiotics,” said S. V. Alavandi, principal scientist and head of Aquatic Animal Health and Environment Division of CIBA, which developed the new-generation technology.

The ‘phage prophylaxis and therapy’ developed by the institute is based on bacteriophages, which are viruses that kill only specific disease-causing bacteria and act as therapeutic agents in controlling bacterial infections. It has no residual issues and has advantages of being specific to their host bacteria without harming other microorganisms.

Pointing out that bacterial diseases such as vibriosis often cause considerable economic loss to hatcheries across the globe, Mr. Alavandi said the new product would be of great use in preventing and controlling such diseases in aquaculture especially in shrimp hatcheries. “We tested the efficacy of the product in many hatcheries in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and we found it effective,” he said.

CIBA director K.K. Vijayan said the product comprises a ‘cocktail of phages’ which could neutralise a wide range of pathogenic bacteria-causing diseases. “It was helpful in replacing the use of antibiotics which have residues and result in antimicrobial resistance,” he explained.

IBA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mr Ramesh Kumar Dhanakoti, CEO, Salem Microbes Private Limited, Salem, to transfer the technology. P.K. Patil, principal scientist, Technology Management Unit of CIBA facilitated the transfer of technology and filing of patents.

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