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Brake shoe friction leads to minor fire in TN train, none injured

PTI Tirunelveli (TN) 18 January 2021 03:18 IST
Updated: 17 January 2021 23:36 IST

The smoke was noticed by the guard between Thazhayoothu and Gangaikondan sections

Brake shoe friction led to a minor fire around the wheel of a running passenger train near here on Sunday and the blaze was doused after halting the train and there was no injury to anyone, railway officials said.

When the special train from Nagercoil in southern Tamil Nadu was on its way towards Chennai, fire and smoke was noticed by passengers in a coach and they raised an alarm.

The guard, who also noticed the smoke, took steps to stop the train immediately which was by then between Thazhayoothu and Gangaikondan sections near here.


The train was halted and a minor fire was noticed around a wheel and it was found to be due to 'brake shoe friction,' officials said.

The blaze was doused using fire extinguishers available on the locomotive and no one was injured, they added.

After about half-an-hour, and following repair to the affected wheel, the train resumed its journey.