Saudi diplomat case: Maid was hurt with knife

The Saudi diplomat in Gurgaon is believed to have attacked one of the two Nepalese women with a kitchen knife two days before the police raid, a senior official said.

This attack led the woman to contact a Nepal-based NGO, which smuggled in a mobile phone to the maids.

Special police teams have been formed to trace Kalpana, who allegedly “sold” the maids to Anwar, who placed the victims at the house of the diplomat. “Anwar and Kalpana are key links,” a police source said.

Translation of FIR filed by the maid

I belong to Nepal’s Baglung district and I am 30 years old. My husband lives in Nepal. A woman called Kalpana whom I knew brought me to Delhi and introduce me to Anwar to get a job working in homes. Anwar introduced me to the other maid (Name withheld) who had been working at homes in Delhi already. Anwar took us to meet two Arab men 4-5 months ago. A Saudi Arabian man whose son was named Raza and his family took us to Jeddah. In Jeddah we were kept at a hotel for a month where we were put to work washing clothes and cleaning the rooms. After that they brought us back to Delhi and took us to a very large apartment in Gurgaon which had many rooms, and told us to clean the rooms. Then one day the man took me to another room and made me massage him after which he raped me, pulling my hair hard and forcing me to perform unnatural sex. Everyday he would bring new men, who were from Saudi to rape me. One particularly brutal man would rape me in one room and then rape the other maid in another room. If we complained to the Mistress of the house they would put a knife to my neck and threaten me. She once stabbed the other maid on her arm so hard it bled for days. About ten days ago, another maid was hired. When she saw how these people tortured us she ran away and then told the Nepali NGO Maiti Nepal India. Today the police came to the house. When our employers saw the police on the CCTV camera, they started beating us both, and both the mother and the daughter of the Man put a knife to my neck and put us in a room at the back. But when the police came into the house we ran out and somehow saved our lives. The family we were employed by tried to stop the police and hit them.

While Raza never did anything bad with us, his father raped us repeatedly, and brought several other Saudi Arabian men to rape us. Raza’s mother would often beat us. Some days ago they took both of us maids to Nainital and raped us there as well.

The rest of the time they would lock us in a room and treated us like animals. We hope the police can take some action against them.

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