Parliament Proceedings | December 2, 2021

A view of the Rajya Sabha during ongoing Winter Session of Parliament, in New Delhi, Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021.   | Photo Credit: PTI

The Opposition, during a debate in the Lok Sabha on the COVID-19 situation, hit out at the Government for lack of data on deaths during the second wave of COVID-19 due to oxygen shortage, little clarity on booster doses or vaccines for children and mismanagement during the ongoing pandemic.

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The Rajya Sabha discussed and passed the Dam Safety Bill.

Here are the updates:


Lok Sabha | 12.20 am


With the Treasury bench reminding the Chair that it will go down as one of the longest debates of the Lok Sabha under rule 193, the House concludes its discussion on COVID-19 and adjourns for the day. (Though it's late into the night).

Lok Sabha | 11.40 pm


Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra (Krishnanagar, West Begal) picks holes on vaccine augmentation of the government. She says the government was able to vaccinate people only because Covishield production was rammped up. Oxygen shortage should have never happened in India, she says. 

Chair calls the next speaker when she doesn't conclude despite repeated suggestions.  This is not fair, Ms. Moitra says.


Lok Sabha | 11.15 pm


The debate goes on with Treasury members obviuosly showering praise on the Prime Minister, and voices raised against the Government from the Opposition members. And the only common thing between the two sides is the near empty benches. Perhaps, only the listed speakers are sitting through this late night proceedings.   


Lok Sabha | 10.30 pm


Rajendra Agrawal (BJP, Meerut, U.P) in the Chair.

Indore BJP MP Shankar Lalwani praises the Prime Minister's leadership. Citing taali bajao, he says the country rallied behind him whenever he sought their support.


Lok Sabha | 10 pm


BJP MP L.S. Tejasvi Surya (Bangalore South) attacks the Opposition, accusing them of being morally bankrupt when the country was undergoing a difficult time during the pandemic. He says Rahul Gandhi sounds like a doomsday predicting witch doctor and not a responsible Opposition leader. Vocal opposition from Opposition benches as Mr. Surya goes on accusing Opposition leaders, even State Health Ministers, of fuelling vaccine hesitancy.

Chair tells Mr. Surya to avoid controversy. He tells Chair that response should be political when accusation is political.

Chairs seeks persmission of the House to extend the sitting till 11 pm. House agrees.

Mr. Surya continues his attack on Opposition saying not one Congress-rules State has achieved more than 90% of single dose vaccination.

Voices raised against him from Opposition benches. 

Mr. Surya continues amid repeated reminders from Chair to conclude. He gets back to his anti-Rahul attack. "Rahul Gandhi chose not fight the virus. He chose to fight Narendra Modi. This shows the pettiness of the Congress party."

He says Mr. Modi’s government moved heaven and earth to ramp up medical oxygen facilities. 

When the government could achieve so much, why the Congress party could not even appoint a president, he asks, prompting the Chair to avoid politics. He recites a poem in Hindi. Chair desperately resuests him to conclude.

Mr. Surya finally relents and concludes, but only after completing his poem.

Lok Sabha | 9.30 pm


Suresh Kodikunnil is in the Chair.

Trinamool member Satabdi Roy (Banerjee) (Birbhum, West Bengal) raises the issues of digital divide affecting poor children during the pandemic-triggered school closures. She asks whether it was that important to display Prime Minister Modi's in COVID-19 vaccine certicates.

Congress member Geeta Kora (Singhbhum, Jharkhand) says as we discuss COVID-19 in Parliament, another variant has reached our country. What steps does this government have to tackle the next wave, if any, she asks.

YRSCP MP Kuruva Gorantla Madhav (Hindupur, A.P.) questions the effectiveness of lockdowns to contain the virus spread.


Lok Sabha | 9.00 pm

Tamil Nadu member Thol. Thirumavalavan speaks in Tamil: "Due to COVID-19, we have faced many deaths. Doctors, COVID-19 warriors have all passed away in service. We have seen how many dead bodies were floating in the river Ganga. But we do not know how the PM-Cares fund was used. Govt should release the details. Govt should provide assistance for the families of the victims, as this can be considered as a natural disaster and each of those families who lost people to COVID-19 should be provided with ₹4,00,000. In light of Omicron, we need to take necessary steps and save lives."

Lok Sabha | 8.50 pm

Kerala KC(M) member Thomas Chazhikadan says: "No person should starve in Kerala. The govt of Kerala made sure of that during the pandemic. Health kits were provided to beneficiaries. Now we are recovering from the pandemic but we should not be complacent, since Omicron has come up. Now, South Africa is reporting cases of hospitalisations."

Lok Sabha | 8.20 pm

'Lay out clear guidelines'

Kerala member N.K. Premachandran: "We are not able to conclude the pandemic inspite of so many researches. While I appreciate the management of the first wave, the govt could not manage the second wave at all. Millions of jobs were lost. Precious lives were lost. Govt is solely responsible. It is only because of the negligence of the govt, the second wave occurred. There was no proper planning with respect to investment in vaccine manufacturing, compared to other countries. I seek an explanation. Let the Finance Minister and Home Ministry lay out clear guidelines in light of Omicron."

Lok Sabha | 7.55 pm

Maharashtra's Independent member Navneet Ravi Rana: "COVID-19 has brought down Maharashtra's small scale businesses. Will there be a compensation or a financial assistance be provided to them to start their businesses again? In light of schools opening, what are the measures taken to stop the spread of COVID-19?"

Lok Sabha | 7.40 pm

Maharashtra Shiv Sena member Supriya Sule: "We have great pride in the vaccines made in India. Regarding the Dharavi model, I'd like to bring it on the table that we must encourage people who are not really seen, thanks to our CM Uddhav Thackeray."

"Every state has contributed to the PM Cares fund, they have done outstanding oxygen supply management, but we would like to know how the fund was used, hope it can be made public." Ms. Sule asks about the future roadmap, the guidelines, the booster dose, clarification of ICMR's stand on vaccination, skilling, re-skilling and upskilling Anganwadi workers."

Health Minister tells Chair Suresh Kodikunnil that discussion is taking longer so he requests for refreshments to be arranged for the members.

Lok Sabha | 7.30 pm

'Politicians must not lead the country in the wrong direction'

West Bengal AITC member from Dum Dum, Prof. Sougata Roy says: "Personally, I did not stay at home during the COVID-19 peak. Every day we were helping people arranging food, helping the dead in their cremations, I did not get Coronavirus. With God's grace, we have developed immunity."

"Till today, I do not know if other factories will come to India and help. Also, I have taken two vaccines, but should we take a booster dose? The govt must clarify on this matter."

"They are using Greek numbers: Alpha, Delta, now the Omicron variant has come up. The country did stand up to Coronavirus. We have got doctors and COVID warriors, they don't need politicians like us, but politicians must not lead the country in the wrong direction. Corona is the biggest threat, we need to be alert."

Lok Sabha | 7.10 pm

'Dharavi model is a success story'

Maharashtra Shiv Sena member Rahul Ramesh Shewale says: "Dharavi's people had donated plasma and India's first plasma donation camp was in Dharavi. Dharavi model is a success story and even WHO has mentioned it. I even thank the Health Minister Mandaviya for the beginning the remdisivir production and providing oxygen concentrators."

Chair appreciates the member and says 'we are proud of you'.

Lok Sabha | 6.55 pm

'I am also a backward person'

Bihar BJP member Rajiv Pratap Rudy says: "People from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh make up an entire country's population. If we are seen as a backward people, then I am also a backward person. I will take 'the backward Bihar' forward soon. We are successful, we will be successful."

Lok Sabha | 6.25 pm

Telangana AIMIM member Asaduddin Owaisi speaks about the lack of preparedness during second wave: "Had PM Modi taken better measures, this country wouldn't have faced the second wave of COVID-19."

Tamil Nadu member speaks in Tamil: "6 months back, once DMK came to power in Tamil Nadu, the State became a top achiever in vaccinations. Now, the centre has set up many oxygen generating centres which was actually a big need of the hour during the second wave. Oxygen concentrators weren't available at that time. When it comes to the number of deaths due to COVID-19, data scientists say that the number of deaths is much higher than the one reported by the Centre. The people who have died due to COVID-19, were given a COVID-19 negative certificate by some hospitals at the time of their deaths; and hence they didn't receive the said compensation of granting ₹50,000/- allotted for the victims."

Rajya Sabha | 6.15 pm

Rajya Sabha rejects amendment for sending The Dam Safety Bill, 2019 to select committee. Subject to revision, Ayes 28 and Noes 80.

The Dam Safety Bill, 2019 is passed in Rajya Sabha.

Members voice their special mentions.

House adjourned for the day.

Lok Sabha | 6.10 pm

Jharkhand BJP member Nishikant Dubey: "Centre helps the entire country. We speak one word about Rahul Gandhi and the Opposition takes it personally, but when a State faces an issue, they name Mr. Modi. The states that do not have us as leaders, start naming PM Narendra Modi to take up responsibility."

Chair A. Raja asks the Opposition not to politicise the subject of COVID-19 and says, "We are discussing a national subject."

Rajya Sabha | 5.55 pm

Dam Safety Bill

Deputy Chairman Harivansh distributes division slips for casting their votes on the Bill.

Division slips being distributed to members in Rajya Sabha for casting their votes on Dam Safety Bill on December 02, 2021.

Division slips being distributed to members in Rajya Sabha for casting their votes on Dam Safety Bill on December 02, 2021.   | Photo Credit: SANSAD TV – RS


Lok Sabha | 5.45 pm

LS discusses COVID-19

Tamil Nadu CPI member K. Subramanian speaks in Tamil. "The govt is not in a position to bring down the spread of the pandemic," he says.

Baharampur INC member Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury: "Omicron is the most dangerous compared to all the other variants of COVID-19 that we have known. This variant was reported on November 24, 2021. WHO declared this as a variant of concern. Now so many countries have reported the same."

Rajya Sabha | 5.30 pm

Minister of Jal Shakti Gajendra Singh Shekhawat speaks about the Dam Safety Bill. "The Bill should be soon passed and brought to use. Mullaperiyar was discussed in the House, but India has 14 such structures, where the safety of the dams is the responsibility of all of us. We will not let go of our responsibility. Being a member of the Parliament, this Bill will provide necessary provisions for the Central committee will do the inspection."

The bill seeks to provide for surveillance, inspection, operation and maintenance of specified dams for the prevention of dam failure-related disasters and to provide for an institutional mechanism to ensure their safe functioning and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Lok Sabha | 5.30 pm

Andhra Pradesh YSRCP member Sri Krishna Devarayalu Lavu: "Lets not forget the deaths due to COVID-19. Now we are celebrating vaccination numbers. But we have to be careful about the new variant. Lets review the available resources and improve healthcare."

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Rajya Sabha | 5.15 pm

Assam BJP member says he supports the dam safety bill. "Centre should assist states and fix the issues with the Bill. A dam is well done, the govt is only constructing it, it is not made by a private party. We also need to be told what's the time limit for this."

Lok Sabha | 5.10 pm

Andhra Pradesh TDP member Jayadev Galla: "If there is a third wave, keeping in mind the new variant, what is the strategy of the govt? I think the govt of India has started vaccine exports. The govt of India has proposed oxygen plants including one in AP. What is the strategy behind this?"

Rajya Sabha | 4:59 pm

'Many dams are 100 years old'

Rajasthan BJP member Harshvardhan Singh Dungarpur says, "Many dams are 100 years old and most of these dams were built by rulers. Even today, in Tamil Nadu and other places, there is very heavy rain. We need to look into national dam safety and the bill also has made a provision to ensure continuous safety of dams. This Bill will analyse dam safety. This Bill has also received criticism from members since most States have not prepared for dam safety. We need to avert disasters like the one in Kerala last year. The Centre provides central assistance.

Lok Sabha | 4:51 pm

Bring ASHA workers under health department: Congress MP Suresh Kodikunnil

Mr. Kodikunnil demands that ASHA workers, who were frontline warriors during the COVID-19 pandemic, be absorbed into the health department and their services be utilised in the country to tackle public health crisis.

Rajya Sabha | 4:47 pm

Speaking on the Dam Safety Bill, 2019, Karnataka INC member, G.C. Chandrashekhar says, "There aren't many details on how many people lost their lives due to dams disasters. After the 2018 floods in Kerala, CWC delegations report stated that dams cannot be blamed for the disaster in August 2018. Also, the Machhu second dam disaster in Gujarat that killed between 2000 people officially accepted by the CWC but local estimated is something different. We still do not know who was responsible for the dam disaster and what CWC did about it."

Lok Sabha | 4:41 pm

Atmanirbhar package a statistical circus: Congress MP Suresh Kodikunnil

Congress MP from Kerala, Suresh Kodikunnil says the 20,00,000 crore stimulus package announced by the Government, claiming to be 10% of the GDP, was an eyewash and statistical circus. In reality, the Centre would not spend more than 2,00,000 crore on the package.

He says there was no provision for direct cash transfer to the poor.

Rajya Sabha | 4:37 pm

Maharashtra NCP member Dr. Fauzia Khan lists the issues with the Dam Safety Bill, 2019.

Assam AGP member Virendra Prasad says, "India has about 5344 dams. India has witnessed many disasters on dams and more than 6000 people have lost their lives so far, so the Bill is the need of the hour."

Lok Sabha | 4:29 pm

BJP MP Jagdambika Pal says India is ready for any challenge, including Omicron variant, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership.

The Prime Minister thought about the poor who had to travel to district headquarters and cities for basic medical needs and tests. He thought why do we have to send them to a medical college or district hospital.

We only had National Virology Institute (NIV), Pune where we were sending all the samples for coronavirus tests. Today, you can get an RT-PCR test done at block or district level.

Rajya Sabha | 4:19 pm

During the debate on the Dam Safety Bill, 2019, AAP MP Sanjay Singh asks the Government which State asked it to interfere in dam management. You are going against the Constitution, he says.

"We were expecting that you will get a bill to ensure MSP, but you are bringing a bill that will create friction between the States," Mr. Singh says.

Rajya Sabha | 4:12 pm

MDMK MP Vaiko says if the Dam Safety Bill, 2019 is adopted, it will be disastrous for Tamil Nadu.

Lok Sabha | 4:03 pm

Samajwadi Party MP Dr. S.T. Hasan cites independent reports to demand from the Government correct data on deaths due to COVID-19.

Rajya Sabha | 3:58 pm

RJD's Manoj Kumar Jha says it is always a temptation to encroach on a State’s subject but the BJP Government forgets it will not be in power forever.

Lok Sabha | 3:56 pm

BSP MP Ram Shiromani Verma pulls the Centre for not having any data of the deaths caused due to shortage of medical oxygen in the country. He demands a high-level inquiry in the matter.

Mr. Verma raises the issue of digital-divide and says children from poor household could not afford mobile phones to attend online classes when the schools were shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rajya Sabha | 3:53 pm

JD (U) MP Ram Nath Thakur asks the Government to take a time bound decision to build a dam in Bihar and save 12 crore people.

Lok Sabha | 3:38 pm

The Chair interrupts Mr. Samanta saying he was only talking about Odisha.

To this, the MP responds that the Speaker had said that members should cite the works done in their State or by any individual MP.

"I appreciate all that but you also talk about the nation," the Chiair says.

 "Yes sir, I will," Mr. Samanta says, adding, Odisha is a poor State and has dealt with two cyclones while dealing with the pandemic and one more is on the way.

Lok Sabha | 3:33 pm

BJP MP Achyutananda Samata praises Odisha Government's response to COVID-19 outbreak. He lists CM Naveen Patnaik-led Government's welfare initiatives for the poor who were hit economically due to the pandemic.

Rajya Sabha | 3:23 pm

CPI-M MP V. Sivadasan says the Dam Safety Bill, 2019 is against democracy and will take away the powers of the States.

Lok Sabha | 3:08 pm

AITC MP Dr. Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar says I salute to the researchers and doctors who devised vaccines for COVID-19 within 8-10 months.

She questions the Government on the less numbers of second dose of the COVID-19 administered. "We advertised completions of 100 crore doses, but what about the second dose? Why can't we complete the second dose (vaccination) which we were supposed to finish by December or January end?" she asks.

The only answer to the disease is not vaccination, two doses of vaccination to the entire population, she says.

Dr. Ghosh Dastidar also advocates the need for a booster dose for senior citizens. "Immediately high-risk groups should be given boosters."

The Government should tell us the status of ventilators, beds and other necessary equipments available in the country. "...we've seen the PM CARES Fund fail drastically," she says.

Rajya Sabha | 3:02 pm

V Vijaysai Reddy, YSR Congress, says there is an urgency for the Dam Safety Bill. Dam owners are responsible for safe construction and maintence. There should be a dam safety unit for each dam, he says.

Rajya Sabha | 2:55 pm

'Dam Safety Bill, 2019 is a violation of the Constitution'

DMK MP T.K.S. Elangovan says the Dam Safety Bill, 2019 is a violation of the Constitution. The Centre has not taken the consent of the States, he alleges.

Lok Sabha | 2:54 pm

DMK MP D.N.V. Senthilkumar S. says the Centre's response to COVID-19 has been active and not proactive.

He slams Prime Minister Narendra Modi for imposing a national lockdown with just four-hour notice. We saw migrant workers walking 100s of kilometres without any help from the government, he says.

Mr. Senthilkumar lists the measures taken by the DMK government in Tamil Nadu, including free vaccination in both government and private medical facilities.

I sincerely urge upon the Central Government to give compensation to the families of 700+ farmers who died during the farmers agitation, he says. "The lesson learnt is that the people's protest is stronger than the government's autocracy. And we have to succumb to people's voice, this is the spirit of the Indian democracy."

Rajya Sabha | 2:48 pm

Trinamool Congress MP Nadimul Haque says there are 5,334 large dams in the country and 293 dams are more than 100 years old. The way the Dam Safety Bill, 2019 has been framed needs scrutiny, he says.

Union government has been legislating on subjects outside its jurisdiction, Mr Haque says whiel adding, this was seen in the recently repealed farm laws.

Rajya Sabha | 2:42 pm

'Even for liquor we depend on Tamil Nadu'

BJP MP K.J. Alphons, who hails from Kerala, says we are completely obliged to Tamil Nadu for our culture and existence. Kerala should release water to Tamil Nadu, he demands.

Even for liquor we depend on Tamil Nadu, the MP says.

Lok Sabha | 2:40 pm

Mr. Gogoi criticises Centre for hiked prices of LPG cylinder, petroleum products amid the ongoing pandemic.

Increase the tax on corporates houses instead of the poor when many people have lost the bread-earners of their families, he says.

We salute the frontline workers for their fight against the virus, especially ASHA workers who continue to work for the vaccination drive despite non-payment of their salaries for two months, Mr. Gogoi says. He also raises the issue of alleged beating up of ASHA workers at a rally of U.P. CM Yogi Adityanath in Shahjahanpur.

Lok Sabha | 2:23 pm

Every Indian felt COVID-19's impact: Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi says every citizen of India has felt the impact of COVID-19 in one way or another in their lives. He asks is the government has any data of the grievance calls they received on their helpline numbers and how many of them were resolved.

Mr. Gogoi says the government is giving a wrong message by implying that India has defeated coronavirus. This gives a wrong impression to citizens that they can lower their guard.

He slams the government for exporting the vaccines as well as on the shortage of medical oxygen and ventilators during the second wave of COVID-19.

Lok Sabha | 2:20 pm

Proceedings in the Lok Sabha resume.

Rajya Sabha | 2:19 pm

Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil says the Dam Safety Bill, 2019 is against the Constitution of India.

He says, "I know they will say that the bill first came in 2010, when Congress was in power, but the preamble of the Bill mentioned that it will be applicable only if 2/3 majority of the State assembly accepts it."

Rajya Sabha | 2:15 pm

Congress leader Anand Sharma raises the issue of suspension of 12 MPs

Congress leader Anand Sharma says this House is the council of States and it can never be dissolved as per the Constitution.

Mr. Sharma asks on what grounds were the MPs suspended on the first day of the Winter session on November 29, when the Monsoon session was adjourned on August 11.

Rajya Sabha | 2:11 pm

DMK MP Tiruchi Siva moves an amendment to the bill

DMK MP Tiruchi Siva says most of the bills brought by the current government are transgressing into the rights of the States. This bill too takes away the rights of the States, he adds.

While saying that the States' powers cannot be encroached upon, Mr. Siva moves an amendment to move the bill to select committee.

Rajya Sabha | 2:06 pm

Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat speaks on the Dam Safety Bill, 2019

He says the country did not have a policy on safety of dams for 40 years. This bill was passed by Lok Sabha in 2019, he adds.

Rajya Sabha | 2:02 pm

Discussion on Dam Safety Bill, 2019 starts

Opposition members try to raise point of order regarding suspension of 12 MPs. However, the Deputy Chair disallows the point of order.

"Point of order should be on matters immediately before the house not in matters discussed earlier," Deputy Chair Harivansh Narayan Singh.

Discussion on the Dam Safety Bill, 2019 starts.

Rajya Sabha | 2:00 pm

Proceedings resume in the Rajya Sabha.

Lok Sabha | 1:17 p.m.

Lok Sabha adjourned till 2:20 p.m.

Lok Sabha is adjourned till 2:20 p.m.

Lok Sabha | 1:16 p.m.

Rattan Lal Kataria informs of the house of the various relief activities undertaken by the Bharatiya Janata Party during COVID-19.

Opposition has its role in democracy and they should fulfil that role, but when it comes to serving humanity, don't politicise it,Mr. Kataria says.

Lok Sabha | 1:05 p.m.

We saw a protest for over a year, but despite that, Indian farmers ensured production such that not a single person died of hunger, Mr. Kataria claims in the Lok Sabha

Rajya Sabha | 1:00 p.m.

Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2:00 p.m.

Question Hour is over. Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2:00 p.m.

Lok Sabha | 1:00 p.m.

"For the last 10 months, our GST collection is exceeding 1 lakh crore," Rattan Lal Kataria says, speaking on the economic status of the country in the wake of COVID-19.

Lok Sabha | 12:54 p.m.

Rattan Lal Kataria of BJP informs the house of COVID-19 related data, including vaccination milestones, hospital and lab testing infrastructure in the country.

Even U.S. President Biden and Kamala Harris have appreciated our country's efforts, Mr. Kataria claims.

Rajya Sabha | 12:52 p.m.

Responding to a question on Tourism sector affected because of COVID-19, the MoS for Tourism said that the government has a lot of plans for the tourism sector to bring it back to how it was during pre-COVID times

Lok Sabha | 12:44 p.m.

Vinayak Raut is currently speaking on the compensation received by the families of individuals who died of COVID-19.

He requests that the government specify guidelines on the new Omicron variant.

Rajya Sabha | 12:41 p.m.

Rajya Sabha commences discussion on COVID-19

The House is now discussing COVID-19. Many Members are asking about the pensions paid to the artists who have been affected because of COVID-19.

Lok Sabha | 12:39 p.m.

Only a third of Indians have received both doses of the vaccination

Only a third of Indians have received both doses of the vaccination, Vinayak Raut informs the house.

There is an apprehension that BJP ruled states were supplied well with vaccinations, not so much states ruled by other parties, says Mr. Raut, questioning the difference between the amount of vaccine doses supplied to different States, which according to him is not commensurate to the respective population of those States.

If government had ramped up production of Covaxin which has a gap of only 28 days between doses, India would have seen faster, higher rates of vaccinations, Mr. Raut adds.

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Lok Sabha | 12:34 p.m.

In the first wave the private doctors ran away, but in the second wave they all opened their shops, and depending on insurance coverage billed poor patients usuriously, says Vinayak Raut.

We have to ensure this doesn’t happen again and we need a law barring this kind of thing, he adds.

Lok Sabha | 12:30 p.m.

Out of 1500 PSA plants only 363 plants are operational

Vinayak Raut of Shiv Sena raises the issue of PSA plants:

Under PMCARES funds , we needed PSA plants, ventilators and drugs, but at that time the 60% ventilators under the scheme were not workable.

It’s not the fault of the PM but the companies supplying these ventilators refused to send technicians to set them up.

These companies and agencies should be acted on. Out of 1500 PSA plants only 363 plants are operational. The companies responsible for this too should be punished as they are breaking the trust between government and people.

Rajya Sabha | 12:24 p.m.

Jitendra Singh, MoS , Prime Minister's Office says that there will be a nuclear plant in Gorakhpur, Haryana , in response to a question from K.J. Alphons, Rajasthan MP on if the government has any plans of setting up new nuclear power plants.

He further says nuclear energy is set to become one of the major forms of alternative energy in future. There is a plan to increase budget allocations in this regard.

Dr Singh admits there was a shortfall in budgetary allocations because of COVID-19 in his department. He says that they have been able to cope up with it and he will make sure the problems are solved.

Lok Sabha | 12:23 p.m.

Dharavi showed the world how to fight Corona

Vinayak Raut of Shiv Sena addresses the Parliament:

Ideally politics should not have entered the arena but it unfortunately did, like some people saying that Mumbai will see huge casualties. But fortunately, public health interventions went on well , with the guidance of PM and CM, even Dharavi was cleared of Corona.

The people of Dharavi took it up as a challenge and showed the world how to fight Corona

Lok Sabha | 12:20 p.m.

Vinayak Raut (Shiv Sena) thanks the Prime Minister, Health Minister, Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray, all CMs for dealing with the pandemic.

Due to their work we are moving to “Corona mukt bharat”, he says adding, "Hopefully Omicron should not hit us"

Lok Sabha | 12:16 p.m.

Lok Sabha starts discussion on COVID-19

Discussion on COVID19 under Rule 193 begins in the Lok Sabha.

Speaker Birla says the discussion when there is an emergence of a new variant is timely . “I hope it will be a healthy and constructive," he says.

The Speaker commends MPs who did innovative things to deal with the Pandemic in their respective constituencies.

Rajya Sabha | 12:14 p.m.

Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge starts speaking. He says that the House should discuss Inflation, but he is cut off in between.

Mallikarjun Kharge says: Inflation is an issue concerning our and all, the government should give permission to hold a debate on this.

 Deputy Chairman Harivansh rejected the demand, following which the Congress MPs staged a walkout

Lok Sabha

N. K. Premachandran of RSP raises the issue of Mullaiperiyar Dam in Lok Sabha, however the Speaker asks the member to stick to the list of questions submitted.

Rajya Sabha | 12:10 p.m.

Opposition continues protest in Rajya Sabha

The Chair again appeals for calm as the protesting voices grow louder

Rajya Sabha | 12:09 p.m.

Bhupender Yadav, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change is responding to a question on thermal power plants, and emissions.

Bhupender Yadav says that wherever trees are being cut for highway expansion puposes, compensatory afforestation is being done. He further says that many cities are being monitored to track air pollution, through the air pollution index.

Rajya Sabha | 12:01 p.m.

Rajya Sabha resumes

Rajya Sabha resumes and Question Hour begins, with protesting members in the well of the House

Deputy Chairman Harivansh Singh is in the chair. The Chair is appealing the Members to be calm, and he is asking them to go back to their seats.

Lok Sabha | 11:52 a.m.

"Omicron is certainly a setback...therefore several countries have put different yardsticks, I think the yardstick put in place by our government with putting 11 countries marked as at risk and testing them completely is the right way to go," Mr. Scindia responds to a question

"We have 10 proposals pending for air bubbles which we have forwarded to those countries, Saudi Arabia is one of them," Mr. Scindia responds to a question on entering into an air bubble with Saudi Arabia.

Lok Sabha | 11:39 a.m.

On status of air bubble flights

Jyotiraditya Scindia, Minister of Civil Aviation informs the Lok Sabha, "At present we have air bubble agreement with 31 countries and have a proposal with 10 other nations to start air bubble agreement" in response to a question regarding the current situation of Air bubbles, travel during COVID-19.

Mr. Scindia informs that currently11 countries have been placed 'at-risk' including all European nations including U.K., South Africa, Brazil, Botswana, China, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Israel.

Lok Sabha | 11:30 a.m.

Question Hour in the Lok Sabha continues amidst constant sloganeering by the Opposition members.

Minister of Road, Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, is answering questions regarding various road and highway infrastructure projects, and addresses the house on Gatishakti and Bharat Mala project

11:20 a.m.

Rahul Gandhi leading the Congress protest in support of the suspended opposition MPs at Gandhi statue in Parliament House


Lok Sabha | 11: 15 a.m.

On allocating Shirdi the status of Smart City

"Smart City may not be the only way the infrastructure of a city may be attended to. Scheme of 100 smart cities was closed. Regretablly Shirdi was never included in the proposal. We would be very happy whenever Smart Ciity 2 comes up and if at that time Maharashtra government were to recommend it as one of the cities" responds Hardeep Singh Puri to a question regarding the allocation of Shirdi as a Smart City.

"In 2011 census, it was put under Amrut as a holy city, all steps we take for holy cities are being taken. If additional steps are needed, we are happy to consider them," he adds.

Rajya Sabha | 11:10 a.m.

Rajya Sabha adjourned

Rajya Sabha adjourned till 12:00 noon

Rajya Sabha

Appealing the house to talk out the issue, and proceed, Mr. Naidu says:

Suspensions, either in the past or now, are only the expression of disapproval of the acts of misconduct of some members by the House. Disapproval of undemocratic conduct in the House  can’t be decried as undemocratic, for sure.

Rajya Sabha | 11:09 a.m.

Venkaiah Naidu addresses the Rajya Sabha on Opposition protesting the suspension of 12 MPs

Mr. Naidu addresses the Rajya Sabha:

Since I can’t go public with my anguish in any other way , the only platform to share my anguish and thoughts is to speak in the House.

Some of the respected leaders and members of this august House, in their wisdom, chose to describe the suspension of 12 members as ‘undemocratic’. I have struggled to understand if there was any justification in that kind of  a narrative being propagated but could not.

While calling this suspension as undemocratic both within and outside the House, not even a word is being said about the reasons given for the suspension, the disdainful conduct of some members during the last session, which I have categorically called as ‘acts of sacrilege’ on the last day of last session.

Unfortunately, a message is sought to be sent out that ‘sacrilege’ of the House is democratic but action against such sacrilege is undemocratic. I am sure people of the country would not buy this new norms of democracy.

You don’t want to regret your misconduct but insist on revoking the decision of this House taken as per due process stipulated under the Rules of the House. Does this amount to upholding the principles of democracy?

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Rajya Sabha | 11:07 a.m.

Manmohan Singh wrote a letter that he is not able to attend the winter session citing illness

The permission to remain absent is granted.

The Chairman says that from the past three days, nothing productive happened in Rajya Sabha because of the protests from the Opposition MPs, calling it undemocratic.

Rajya Sabha | 11:04 a.m.

Rajya Sabha proceedings begin with Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill being laid on the table.

Lok Sabha | 11:03 a.m.

Proceedings in the Lok Sabha commence.

Question Hour begins with Vishnu Datt Sharma asking about the current status of the Ken-Betwa Link Project, and the impact of the project on Panna Tiger Reserve

10:50 a.m.

Opposition continues protest over suspended Rajya Sabha MPs

Jairam Ramesh being tied black ribbon during a demonstration against suspension of 12 Rajya Sabha MPs at the Parliament Housei on Thursday.

Parliament Proceedings | December 2, 2021

Suspended MPs and Opposition Party MPs staging a demonstration at the Parliament house on Thursday.

Suspended MPs and Opposition Party MPs staging a demonstration at the Parliament house on Thursday.   | Photo Credit: R.V. Moorthy


10:46 a.m.

Kerala MPs stage a demonstration regarding the Mullaiperiyar Dam Issue at the Parliament House in New Delhi, on Thursday

Parliament Proceedings | December 2, 2021

10:30 a.m.

Legislative Business for December 2, 2021 is as follows:

Lok Sabha:

Mansukh Mandaviya to move that the Bill further to amend the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Act, 1998, be taken into consideration.

Vinayak Bhaurao Raut,  Rattan Lal Kataria to raise a discussion on COVID-19 pandemic and various aspects related to it

Rajya Sabha:

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat to move the Dam Protection Bill to be passed.

10:12 a.m.

Day 3 recap

Lok Sabha passed the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill, 2020, with Opposition members flagging certain concerns.

A parliamentary panel from Mongolia was present in Lok Sabha' s gallery, to observe the proceedings.

In Rajya Sabha, opposition's protest over suspension of 12 members continued, resulting in the house adjourning for four times on December 1.

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