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Probe ordered into electrocution of animals at Kaziranga

Special Correspondent Guwahati 27 October 2021 05:58 IST
Updated: 27 October 2021 01:12 IST

The APDCL had assured the national park authorities to shift the power line more than a year ago.

The authorities of the Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve have ordered a probe into the electrocution of a domesticated elephant, a swamp deer and two wild boars in the Burapahar Range of the rhino habitat.

Park officials said Oiravat, the departmental elephant had accidentally brought down an electric pole and died after touching the livewire on October 25. A swamp deer and two boars in the vicinity were also electrocuted.

“The Assam Power Distribution Corporation Limited (APDCL) had assured us of shifting this power line. The shifting work started in 2019 but was stopped in 2020,” P. Sivakumar, the park’s director said.


Wildlife officials said the work on shifting the line from the forest area was stopped as the contractor could only complete 30% of the project.

The inquiry at the level of a divisional forest officer is expected to be over in three days, after which the park authorities would file a case under the Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972.

Wildlife activists said local officials of the APDCL should be held responsible for the death of the wild animals because of their lackadaisical approach to the shifting of the power line.