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There's no dearth of money, but where is it and who has it? asks Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a gathering at Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh.

Here are the updates:

1.09 p.m.: Mr. Modi seeks the blessings of people, asks them for help. ''Just look at the wealth of the poor!'' And, he's greeted by an applause. ''This is a fight to end corruption and dishonesty''.

1.07 p.m.: ''It might take time and cause some hardships. It is a big task to introduce new notes. I have sought 50 days and all these processes will be completed by December 30. Bank staffers are working day and nigh to help us realise this. I have asked you to bear the little discomfort for 50 days for the interest of the poor''.

He, again, turns his crosshairs on the Congress. Says that party turned country into a jail for 19 months to save its throne.

1.05 p.m.: ''Have you ever seen people throwing their notes in the Ganga? Attacking those hoarding money, You sinner, your sins will not be washed even by the Ganga."

He continues, saying, "Shall I be afraid of such people, and leave the path of honesty?"

1.02 p.m.: ''Rumours are being spread, women are being provoked and instigated that the Prime Minister has taken away all their money saved for daughter's marriage. My mothers and sisters, till your brother is alive, no officer will put an eye on your money. No IT officer will bother you. 'But should I spare those who hide stacks of notes under their bed?''

1.00 p.m.: "Who funds terrorists, naxals? They send fake money from across the border. Should we allow them to do this? I asked the leaders, should we not end game of fake notes?"

12.59 p.m.: The Congress scrapped the 25 paise denomination and can't think beyond it , he says.

12.56 p.m.: ''The Congress is worried about people. They enforced Emergency and converted this nation into a jail. They restrained newspapers and arrested people who spoke up. "Did you do this to fight corruption and the welfare of people?"

12.54 p.m.: ''How many years will I take if I go door-to-door?'' he asks. ''I had only one option — to scrap Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes. I have deep pain for the trouble faced by the common man. I will stay up all night to resolve it''.

12.52 p.m.: Taking a dig at Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati, he says, "parties are worried, what will we do?" Their garlands of notes — Isn't the money of the poor?''

12.50 p.m.: Asks people if he did the right thing by scrapping high denomination notes. And he's get a loud roar from the crowd. ''Will you face hardships? If people in villages are ready to face hardships there is no place for dishonesty in India''.

He continues, saying, "I know you are facing trouble."

12.47 p.m.: ''This govt. is for the poor, the villages and the farmers. India has no shortage of wealth but where and [who has] is this wealth?''

12.45 p.m.: ''I want to restore the glory of region and bring strength to farmers once again''. Assures farmers of insurance money under all circumstances.

12.42 p.m.: ''I'm glad and want to congratulate Railway Minister Suresh prabhu and Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha for their efforts to launch a train service over the Ganga''.

12.41 p.m.: Mr. Modi invokes Nehru, saying, "I have come to finish the incomplete work on your birthday, Panditji."

12.39 p.m.: ''Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister. Vishwanath was the Lok Sabha member from Ghazipur and he spoke in Parliament about Purvanchal's poverty. Nehruji formed a Patel committee, which outlined the necessary developments needed in the region.''

12.36 p.m.: ''I had promised you that I would return to U.P. with an agenda of development.'' Mr. Modi talks about an AIIMS in Gorakhpur and a fertilizer plant.

12.36 p.m.: ''The poor are sleeping in peace while the rich are running around in search of sleeping pills. That's the power of your vote.''

12.30 p.m.: The Prime Minister begins his speech by lauding Ghazipur's role in the revolt of in 1857. ''My fortune that I'm in Ghazipur for the second time in two years'', he says.

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