Parliament proceedings updates | Rajya Sabha passes two bills, multiple adjournments mar the Parliament

Chaos continues: Parliamentarians in the Rajya Sabha during the monsoon session in New Delhi on Tuesday. PTI -  

While the opposition parties are continuing with their protests seeking a debate on Pegasus snooping row, the government is pushing certain key bills in din. Other regular proceedings like Question Hour and Zero Hour have taken a hit due to the impasse.

Here are today’s updates:


Lok Sabha | 5 pm

The Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2021 was introduced in Lok Sabha and the House got adjourned for the day.

Rajya Sabha | 4.10 pm

Rajya Sabha passes the Essential Defence Services Bill, 2021 as passed by Lok Sabha. All amendments defeated.

House adjourned till 11 am on Friday.

Lok Sabha | 4.00 pm

Lok Sabha resumed. BJP MP Rama Devi in the chair.

Secretary General reads out a message from the Rajya Sabha.

Opposition MPs protests with placards.

Rama Devi asks them to go back to their seats, saying that people are watching what representatives are doing.

She finally adjourned until 5 pm, saying "I am giving you all some rest".

Rajya Sabha | 4.00 pm

Rajya Sabha resumes.

CPI(M) MP Elamaram Kareem says he opposes the Bill, it is draconian. It prohibits right of workers to strike. He says it is against ILO conventions and it should be sent to a select committee.

Deputy Chairman Harivansh tells members to stick to the Bill as per rule 110.

RJD MP Manoj Kumar Jha says protest is not being allowed. Deputy Chairman once again reminds him of rule 110.

Trinamool Congress MP Sukhendu Sekhar Ray says the Constitution gives freedom of speech in Parliament.

TRS MP K. Keshava Rao says you [chair] can't give me a scripted speech and say read it.

M. Thambidurai of AIADMK supports the Bill.

AAP MP Sushil Kumar Gupta says he will talk on the topic, requests the chair not to switch off his mic.

He says the Bill should be sent to a select committee.

NCP MP Fauzia Khan asks is the aim of the Bill to secure security of nation, do we do that by snooping into bedrooms of people.

CPI MP Binoy Viswam asks what is the right of the government to deny workers the right to strike.

Elamaram Kareem says he has moved a statutory resolution, all statutory rights are being denied in this House.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh replying, Opposition sloganeering gets louder.

The Bill does not stop the right to peaceful protest: Rajnath Singh

We have taken the decision for corporatisation of ordnance factory board, but there are safeguards for service conditions of workers. This Bill will only be applicable when there is need to invoke it.: Singh

"Maybe we won't have the need to invoke this Bill," he says.

Statutory resolution defeated.

Rajya Sabha | 3.00 pm

Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge says, "All precedents have been set aside and new precedents are being set. This Bill has been included in the additional agenda. There is an attempt to pass it this session using the excuse of the commotion in the House. It is a Bill to de-nationalise. It should be sent to Standing Committee."

Mr. Kharge says Rajnath Singh called him and said we will sort out this problem when he returns from Kyrgyzstan. "There has been no notice for any meeting. You are blaming Opposition for disrupting. We are ready for debate."

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh says he never gave Mr. Kharge any such assurance, but he did request him that there should be discussion in the House.

Opposition continues demanding discussion on Pegasus, shouting slogans.

House adjourned for 30 minutes.


Rajya Sabha | 2.40 pm

NCP MP Vandana Chavan says it is an absolute shame that the government has now brought this Bill, after the Supreme Court got involved.

Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi says the Bill is concerned with women.

Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav responds, says the Bill is about air pollution but there is noise pollution in the House. Members who wanted to speak on it were disturbed.

Responding to concerns over clause 15 regarding penalties on farmers, he says, "Clause 14 says it wont apply to farmers engaging in stubble burning. We have decriminalised it."

Mr. Yadav says, "Through this Bill, we will be accountable to Parliament."

Statutory resolution disapproving of the Bill defeated.

Rajya Sabha passes the Commission for Air Quality Management in National Capital Region and Adjoining Areas Bill, 2021.

Statutory resolution disapproving of Essential Defence Services Bill,  2021 moved by Elamaram Kareem.

MoS Defence Ajay Bhatt moves motion for consideration and passing of Essential Defence Services Bill, 2021.

BJD MP Sujeet Kumar says this is a very important Bill for national security and his party supports the Bill.

DMK MP M. Shanmugam questions the reason for bringing such a Bill.

AIADMK MP M. Thambidurai supports the Bill


Rajya Sabha | 2.30 pm

Air Quality in NCR, adjoining areas

DMK's R.S. Bharati says more than air quality, we have to discuss about the democracy. It is in danger. Why is the government afraid to speak about Pegasus, he asks. The Speaker cuts his speech saying you are not talking about air quality.

AIADMK's Thambi Durai says he supports the Bill, especially the pollution holidays. He requests the Environment Minister to control pollution in other parts of the country.

YSR Congress member Ayodhya Rami Reddy supports the Bill.

A surprising silence as Jharna Das Bidiya (CPI-M) speaks. She says the plights of the citizens are pathetic. She raises the issue of rape and murder of a Dalit girl in Delhi. Her speech is cut short.

K.R. Suresh Reddy (TRS) asks the government to reconsider penalising farmers for stubble burning. The pollution caused by stubble burning is only 4%, he says.

Manoj Jha appreciates the Minister for his maiden bill. He brought a bill on air pollution, what about the poison in the environment, what about Pegasus, he says. The Chair stops him there... "Thank You!"

G.K. Vasan supports the Bill.

Sushil Kumar Gupta (AAP) blames the BJP for "spoiling the environment" of Delhi with their "poisonous speeches".

Rajya Sabha | 2.20 pm

The Commission for Air Quality Management Bill

Rajya Sabha now takes up The Commission for Air Quality Management in National Capital Region and Adjoining Areas Bill, 2021 introduced.

"I hope as soon as I utter the word 'farmers' my microphone is not shut down," says Deepender Hooda. The Chair reminds him to speak about the Bill.

BJD MP Prasanna Acharya says he is also speaking in interest of farmers. The Bill should have been brought earlier. But he opposes the clause of penalty on farmers. The issue is a social, not just scientific. Farmers representatives have not been included. He notes how the AQI of Chennai and Mumbai are also high, without stubble burning.

Lok Sabha | 2.00 pm

Lok Sabha proceedings resume.

Central Universities (Amendment) Bill moved.

Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar in the Chair. Education minister Dharmendra Pradhan introduces the Bill.

Manish Tewari says the House is not in order and what is being done is not correct.

Lok Sabha adjourned till 4 pm.

Rajya Sabha | 2.00 pm

Rajya Sabha resumes. Bhubaneshwar Kalita, BJP MP in Chair.

Manoj K. Jha, RJD raises a point of order. "Yesterday, the speeches of opposition leaders was not recorded in the transcript of debate."

"The Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia's speech was not about The Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India (Amendment) Bill, 2021 and yet his speech was recorded, says Mr. Jha.

The Constitution (Schedule Tribes) Order Amendment Bill 2021 moved.

The opposition parties continue their protests.

Dr. Banda Prakash, TRS requests the government to include communities recommend by the state government in the ST list.

AIADMK MP M. Thambidurai says: "I support the bill. The castes recommended by the TN govt to be included in the ST list is still pending."

YSR Congress also supports bill.

CPI(M) MP K. Somaprasad says: I support the bill. But I strongly oppose the attitude of the government. They are killing the Parliamentary Democracy."

Manoj K. Jha, RJD: "We are all standing in support of this bill. But there are three black farm laws that need to be scrapped."

Sushil K. Gupta, AAP: "I support this bill. But I also want to remind the govt that a dalit girl was raped and murdered in Delhi, about which the govt is not doing anything."

Rajya Sabha | 12.25 pm

Appointment under Lokpal Act

Amidst continuing noise, members are unable to hear each other. MoS (PM's office) Jitendra Singh asks member to repeat his question which was initially inaudible. A member asks what is the current sanctioned strength of men in position including judicial vacancies?

Mr. Singh says, "We have constituted the Lokpal committee. PM has committed to zero tolerance towards corruption. The establishment of Lokpal has happened as a part of that commitment. The demand for a system like Lokpal was raised way back in 1963. The Bill was presented so many times in the last many years. It was finally brought into a proper form, now we have a chairman in place, two judicial members are there, among which one of them unfortunately died of COVID-19 and the other member is unable to perform."

Replying to a question about if he is satisfied on the performance of Lokpal, Mr. Singh says, "It is not fully mandatory for me to comment on Lokpal but we all have to know that during the first year, there were more than 1000 of complaints. Currently only a 100 and so remain. This is a good reflection on the part of the Modi govt."

House adjourned to meet at 2 pm.

Rajya Sabha | 12 noon

Rajya Sabha proceedings resume.

Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge says House was adjourned before he could speak.

Members continue protests holding placards, shouting slogans.

Chair begins Question Hour.

Smart Class system

Members and MoS Education Annpurna Devi discuss Smart Class system in KVs and JNVs.

AIADMK member M. Thambidurai speoaks about there is a demand to include Tamil as a compulsory language in Kendriya Vidyalaya curriculums.

MoS Education Annpurna Devi replies that the latest system now includes all Indian languages.

National Handloom development programme

As members discuss National Handloom development programme, member Vikas Mahatme discusses weavers issues, asks if silk industry will develop in Maharashtra. BJP MP Sanjay Seth, seek various measures by the government.

MoS Textiles Darshana Vikram Jardosh speaks about promoting artisans, weavers, developing the sector.

MoUs with Ghana

Members seek value sharing between India and Ghana. BJP MP Rakesh Sinha asks if foreign ministry would begin operations in countries like Ghana and Africa.

MoS External Affairs V. Muraleedharan says every country in the African union has been improving. Mahatma Gandhi started his journey from South Africa. Gandhiji's statues has been installed in Ghana and Kofi Annan's centre for IT. Efforts are being taken to improve the relations between the two countries.

Proceedings continue as members continue shouting slogans.

Mr. Muraleedharan says, "Agreements including farmers, have been beneficial for the whole of India. When PM Modi came to power, there is a vast change in how India is being looked at. And now, Indians have an opportunity everywhere to express their talent."

Lok Sabha | 12 noon

Lok Sabha proceedings resume. Rajendra Agarwal in the Chair. 

Adhir Ranjan Choudhary again raises the issue of the alleged rape, murder and cremation of a minor in Delhi. He says House must pass a resolution condemning the incident.

Papers being tabled amid loud protests by the opposition.

Opposition MPs in the Well in protest.

Chair urges protesting MPs to return to their seats.

Lok Sabha adjourned to 2 pm.

Rajya Sabha | 11.30 am

Rajya Sabha resumes. Bhubaneswar Kalita is in the Chair. He adjourns the House till 12 noon.

Lok Sabha | 11.30 am

Speaker admonishes the behaviour of opposition members. People ask me why the parliament is not functioning properly. This amounts to loss of public money. Please allow the House to function, he says.

House adjourned till 12 noon.

Lok Sabha | 11.25 am

B V Satyawati (YSRCP) asks whether Sagarmala project affected by COVID19 and whether any plans of lighthouse development are included in the scheme.

Shipping Minister Sarbananda Sonowal says construction work has been affected by COVID19 but we are proceeding where the situation has improved. 65 projects on lighthouses have been taken up.

Lok Sabha | 11.20 am


Prajwal Revanna (JD-S) asks about Mekedatu dam construction. "Why should we get permission from Tamil Nadu," he asks.

Mr. Shekawat responds. "When Karnataka submitted plans the permission granted was conditional as it was built on inter state river basin and lower riparian states was required."

While Mr. Prajwal says proposals had been sent but Karnataka hasn’t heard back, Mr. Shekhawat says he didn't receive any proposal.

Rajya Sabha | 11.20 am

Yesterday's suspension echoes today

Deputy Chairman Harivansh informs the house about Wednesday afternoon incident where in a scuffle with suspended TMC MPs a Parliamentary security personnel got injured.

This is highly deplorable conduct by a member of Rajya Sabha, says the Chair.

Harivansh said that the lady officer has lodged a complaint and it is under consideration of Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu.

Sukhendu Shekar Roy intervenes on behalf of his colleague. He says the member wanted to take her bag but the security people didn't allow and in the commotion, she got hurt. He claims it was only an accident and she wasn't hit by the member.

Leader of the House Piyush Goyal says as per the convention a suspended member cannot return to the House.  The chamber or Rajya Sabha was shut down for sanitizing. It is is wrong to say that the TMC members were stopped by security personnel, he adds.

Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge says there was nothing undemocratic in their act. "Even Jaitleyji has supported this," he says.

House is adjourned till 11.30 am

Lok Sabha | 11.10 am

Opposition MPs protest even as Jal Shakti minister Gajendra Shekhawat answers a question pertaining to his ministry with regard to drought and Bundelkhand.

Ratanlal Katariya (BJP) asks about electricity to poor households under Saubhagya Yojana especially in rural areas. R.K. Singh minister for power replies that state governments have been asked for details and no household will remain unconnected.

Rajya Sabha | 11.10 am

In Rajya Sabha, Parliamentary Affairs Minister (MoS) V. Muraleedharan tables papers pertaining to his cabinet colleagues. Mr. Chidambaram objects to it. "Why can't the ministers themselves present these papers,"he asks.

The Chair says due to COVID situation this has been allowed by the Chairperson.

TMC member Shanta Chettri finds difficulty in presenting her papers. Members sitting next to her help her.

Lok Sabha | 11.05 am

In Lok Sabha, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury raises the rape and murder of a Dalit girl in Delhi. Speaker doesn’t allow him to speak and moves to Question Hour.

Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Shekawat is answering questions pertaining to his department.

11.00 am

House lauds Olympic medallists

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and Deputy Chairmain Harivansh laud the men's hockey team and Lovlina Borgohain for winning bronze in Olympics.

Mr. Harivansh also lauds Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik for sponsoring the hockey teams.

Both Houses acknowledge the feat by thumping their desks.

And with this the unity ends in the Houses. Sloganeering starts.


Parliament Schedule

Bill to be introduced in Lok Sabha

  • The Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2021

Bill for consideration and passing in Rajya Sabha

  • The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Amendment) Bill, 2021.
  • The Commission for Air Quality Management in National Capital Region and Adjoining Areas Bill, 2021.
  • The Essential Defence Services Bill, 2021.
  • The Appropriation (No.4) Bill, 2021.
  • The Appropriation (No.3) Bill, 2021.
  • The General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Amendment Bill, 2021.
  • The Tribunals Reforms Bill, 2021.

In about one hour, Rajya Sabha passes 3 Bills

The Rajya Sabha on Wednesday passed three Bills in about one hour, while the Opposition continued its protest against the government on the Pegasus spyware issue and demanded the repeal of the three farm laws.

The Bills were introduced, discussed and passed amid din. The House was also adjourned for 15 minutes in that time. Asked to speak on the Bills, many of the Opposition MPs chose to raise the issues they have been protesting over, leading to the chair cutting them short.


Government establishing a new normal: Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury

As the Lok Sabha on August 4 once again passed two Bills without a debate and amid Opposition sloganeering over the Pegasus spyware snooping scandal and the farm laws, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury accused the government of establishing a “new normal” with regard to passage of Bills.

When Mr. Chowdhury objected to the passing of Bills in the din and called it a “new normal”, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Arjun Meghwal hit back and accused the Opposition of stalling Parliament. Mr. Meghwal said the government was ready to debate important issues, including the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Opposition was obstructing it.


Suspended Trinamool MPs try to enter Rajya Sabha

A Parliamentary security officer suffered minor injuries on August 4 in a scuffle with suspended Trinamool Congress members who tried to enter the Rajya Sabha chamber after the House was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

The six MPs, who were suspended on Wednesday, continued to raise anti-government slogans standing right outside the Rajya Sabha chamber surrounded by the security personnel who were preventing them from entering the House.

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