Vishupakshi resonates Kerala culture

Birders don’t have to think twice to name Indian Cuckoo as Vishupakshi and Chakkakku Uppundo Kuyil as the bird’s call could be heard aloud during Vishu season, its breeding period.

One could also distinctively read the popular folksong Chakkakku Uppundo, Achan Kombathu from its call. The naming of the bird after the Vishu festival and a popular folk song thus blends the culture and tradition of the land, explained a senior birder. Woolly-necked Stork (Asian Woollyneck) earned the local name Kanyasthree Kokku from its black coat on its head, which resembles the veil of a nun. The bird’s body is covered with white feathers. Mothirakkozhi (Common Ringed Plover) won its name from the ring-shaped band around its eyes. It was not its appearance but the ability of Pheasant-tailed Jacana to walk over Water Lilly leaves that influenced the birders to name it as Vaalan Thamarakkozhi.

The spoon-shaped bill of the Eurasian Spoonbill was the one factor that influenced the naming process and thus the bird was locally known as Chattukakkokkan or Karandikkokkan . The striking feature of Black-winged Stilt is its Ruby-coloured legs and thus its Malayalam name Pavizhakkaali is justified. Chinnamon Bittern, an otherwise shy bird becomes active during rainy season and this speciality is highlighted in its local name Mazhakkocha.

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