UDF wins bypolls in five panchayats in Malappuram

UDF’s Sajeesh Allekkadan leading a victory procession after winning the byelection in Ward 7 of Tiruvali grama panchayat in Malappuram district on Wednesday.
Staff Reporter MALAPPURAM 08 December 2021 22:33 IST
Updated: 08 December 2021 22:33 IST

United Democratic Front (UDF) candidates emerged victorious in the byelections held in five grama panchayats in the district on Tuesday. Bypolls were held in one ward each in Makkaraparamba, Kaladi, Pookkottur, Tiruvali and Urangattiri panchayats.

The UDF’s Independent candidate Rajita defeated Left Democratic Front (LDF) Independent Subaida by 282 votes in Chalapuram ward of Kaladi panchayat.

The UDF’s Abdul Sathar defeated the LDF’s E.K. Sundaran by 710 votes in Cheenikkal ward of Pookkottur panchayat. When Sundaran polled 288 votes, BJP candidate Padma Kumar polled 17 votes.


The UDF’s Sajeesh Allekkadan defeated LDF Independent T.P. Thahir by 106 votes in Kandamangalam ward of Tiruvali panchayat. Sajeesh polled 718 votes, while Thahir got 612 votes.

UDF candidate Siva Kumar alias Satyan defeated the LDF’s Satheesh Chandran by 384 votes in Vezhakkode ward of Urangattiri panchayat. Siva Kumar polled 767 votes, while Satheesh got 383 votes. BJP candidate T. Praveen Kumar got 49 votes.

The UDF’s C. Gafoor defeated LDF Independent Yusuf

Karuvalli by 90 votes in Kachinikkad ward of Makkaraparamba panchayat.

Gafoor polled 675 votes, while his LDF rival got 585 votes.