Two kayakers drown while practising

Staff Reporter Kozhikode 08 September 2019 23:34 IST
Updated: 08 September 2019 23:34 IST

Water level suddenly rises and kayaks crash into rocks in Kozhikode

Two kayakers drowned in the Kadanthara river, near Chembanoda, in Kozhikode district during a practice session around 1 p.m. on Sunday. The victims were identified as Naveen Shetty of Bengaluru and Elvin Lonan, a professional photographer-cum-kayaker from Alappuzha. Both had taken part in the international kayaking events held in the area.

The police said a five-member team from different States had reached the kayaking spot as part of a training session on Sunday morning. They were familiar with the location. The accident occurred mainly because of a sudden swell in the water level following rain. Their kayaks reportedly collided with the rocks in the river.

The victims were taken out by a group of villagers who rushed them to the Kuttiyadi government hospital. Hospital sources said the two were brought dead. Though the Fire and Rescue Services and the police were alerted, they reached the spot late.


Residents’ demand

Residents who took part in the rescue operation said an ambulance should be stationed at the site, along with emergency rescue accessories. It was the second such incident in the area in two years, they said.

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