Trawling ban from midnight

Minister urges fishers to cooperate with fishing holiday

With the monsoon season trawling ban set to begin on Tuesday midnight, Fisheries Minister J. Mercykutty Amma has urged fishers and trade unions/organisations in the sector to cooperate with the 52-day, annual fishing holiday.

All boats that are out at sea should return before midnight. Fishing vessels from other States should leave Kerala shores before the ban becomes effective, the Minister said on Monday.


The ban, designed to coincide with the fish-breeding season, would help to replenish marine fishery resources, the Minister said. Marine fish production in Kerala, she added, had risen to 6.09 lakh metric tonnes in 2018-19 from 4.88 lakh metric tonnes in 2016-17.

The Fisheries Department had hired 20 privately-owned vessels for carrying out patrols and rescue operations during the 52-day period. If needed, more boats would be hired, she said.

Fuel bunks in fisheries harbours and landing centres would be remain shut for the duration of the ban, the Minister added.

Marine ambulance

The proposed marine ambulance would begin services this month, Ms. Mercykutty Amma said. She also urged fishers to reduce the use of the larger traditional fishing craft during the ban.

She also urged traditional fishermen to strictly follow the instructions issued by district administrations from time to time when venturing out to sea. Weather-related inputs should be closely monitored before setting out, she added.

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