Strict norms in place for access to fuel stations

Stringent norms are in place for the issuance of licence for access to fuel stations from the State Highways (SH) and Major District Roads (MDRs) in the State.

The guidelines for access permission to fuel stations and stipulations for ensuing road safety had been worked out by the Public Works Department since the Indian Roads Congress (IRC) IRC: 12-2016 Unified Guidelines for access permission to fuel stations was withdrawn by the Union government with effect from December 1, 2019.

The guidelines are based on the report of the expert committee headed by Chief Engineer, Roads, Ajith Ramachandran and Ashok Kumar, Chief Engineer (NH), Darlene Carmelita D’cruz, Chief Engineer (KSTP), and Roji Jacob Alex, Executive Engineer, RSW, as members.

The person or entities that apply for access licence will have to submit a self-certified proposal for obtaining access permission to the Highway Authority-Executive Engineer, Roads, PWD to whom the highway is entrusted.

On breach of any of the condition imposed by the Highway Authority, the officer authorised by such authority on its behalf will terminate the licence. However, before any such action is taken, a notice will be issued to the fuel station licencee concerned describing the violation and non-compliance of such conditions, giving him an opportunity to rectify the anomalies within a reasonable time, not exceeding 60 days from the date of issue of such a notice.

The fuel company can construct the fuel station as per the approved drawings at their own cost within 12 months from the date of issue of provisional permission for access. After the construction, the applicant may apply online for issue of the final permission for access.

The fuel companies shall have to enter into an agreement for signing the licence deed for access permission from SH & MDR for 15 years with the Highway Authority. The licence for access permission will be issued to the fuel company on payment of ₹3 lakh (for SH) and ₹2 lakh (for MDR) as one-time licence fee. The licence fee and all other fees, penalties etc. mentioned will be increased 5% every year.

All existing fuel stations will have to apply with documents for regularising the licence within one year and will also have to pay ₹3 lakh (SH) and ₹2 lakh (MDR) as one-time fee. However, the new guidelines will not be applicable to fuel stations that were given licence previously by the PWD, before guidelines came into force.

The Highway Authority will keep a register of record of fuel station for which access permission has been granted. This will also be regularly updated on PWD website. Site specifications and safety norms has been spelled out in detail.

The norms, notified by the government, are applicable to all the fuel stations and service stations along all categories of SH and MDRs under the PWD. Necessary amendments will also be made in the PWD manual to this effect.

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