Steps to protect livelihood of lottery sellers

Asserting that the government will use its “power and rights in all sense” to prevent the entry of other State lotteries in Kerala, the government has announced a slew of measures to outmatch them and to protect the livelihood of the State’s one lakh-odd lottery sellers.

Other State lotteries will not be allowed to plunder the people of Kerala through middlemen. The provision of Kerala State GST Rules will be stringently implemented. Kerala’s opinion is that the Union government should amend the Central Lottery Regulation Rules by giving the powers to the State government for regulating other State lotteries, Finance Minister T.M. Thomas Isaac said in the Budget for 2021-2022.

“The intention of the government is not to raise the profit from lotteries, but to preserve the livelihoods of over a lakh of lottery sellers by restricting the lottery mafia at any cost,” Dr. Isaac said listing out the measures and steps taken to help the lottery sellers during lockdown.

The share of prices of Kerala State Lottery which was 40% four years ago has become 58.5%. The prize share is increased by another 1.5% of the sale income enabling 11,000 more prizes.

Hike in agent’s prize

The agent’s prize given for prizes worth ₹100 will be enhanced to ₹20 from ₹10. and that for all other prizes had been enhanced to 12%. Discount in all slabs will go up by 0.5% each.

“LIFE Bumper Lottery will be conducted for giving housing assistance to lottery sellers who are members of welfare fund and the draw will be in next March.

If the agent dies, the tickets will be guaranteed for the nominee through necessary amendments. Agents will be given bumper tickets on bank guarantee.” The Finance Minister said software modification needed for this had been completed. A system to remit GST online will be rolled out.

Welfare benefits

Welfare benefits of sellers and labourers have been increased considerably. Marriage assistance has been enhanced to ₹25,000 from ₹5,000, maternity benefit to ₹10,000 from ₹5,000 and special treatment assistance to ₹50,000 from ₹20,000 and treatment assistance to ₹5,000 from ₹3,000.

Annual scholarship has been introduced for courses from higher secondary to postgraduate levels and professional courses. Scholarship for various courses ranges from ₹1,500 to ₹7,000.

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