Paddy farmers turn to solar energy for pest control

A solar light trap that has been deployed at a paddy field in Kallara.

A solar light trap that has been deployed at a paddy field in Kallara.

Following the growing awareness on environmentally sound technologies, paddy farmers in Kallara — the rice bowl of Kottayam — are now harnessing solar energy to get rid of pests that have infested their fields.

Solar light traps, a low-cost method for killing harmful insecticides, have been deployed in 64 polders spread over 600 hectares of the village.


The introduction of the low-cost technology, according to officials with the Department of Agriculture, intends to end the indiscriminate application of costly insecticides on the crop.

The trap comprises a stand with a vessel, besides a solar panel and an LED bulb.

The light attracts the insects that die after falling into the homemade insecticide kept in the vessel.

“The trap, which will function from 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m., attract insects and they die after falling into the homemade insecticide. Beneficial insects that add value to agriculture, however, will be spared as the light will not function after 10 p.m.,” explains an official. The insecticide in the vessel will be replaced every alternate days.

Joseph Jeffry, agricultural officer, Kallara, says the farmers are extremely enthusiastic about using the method, which is much cheaper and environment-friendly. “The propagation of the method will definitely bring down the indiscriminate pest control methods which demand higher cost and time,” he says.

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