Now victims of wasp, bee attack can claim govt. compensation

Victims of attack by bees, hornets or wasps can now claim compensation from the disaster response fund of the Kerala State Disaster Management Authority.

According to authorities, bee and wasp attacks come under the definition of pest attack. The State government made clear that victims of wasp and bee attacks could claim compensation as per the norms of the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF).

The State was processing the compensation plea of the kin of plantation labourer Abhilash C.D., who was recently killed after being stung by wasps at an estate of the Plantation Corporation at Thannithodu village near Konni in Pathnatmthitta. The State sanctioned financial assistance to the tune of ₹4 lakh to the next of his kin and ₹4,300 each to the four injured others who were injured in the attack.

There are many in Kerala who have been stung at least once in their lifetime by wasps, bees etc. that belong to the species Hymenoptera. Deaths due to such attacks are also not uncommon here. An isolated sting often causes only some allergic reactions in most people, but an attack by a swarm of bees or wasps injects a large dose of venom into the human body, causing deaths.

As many as 18 people were killed in similar incidents across the State between 2015-2020. Yet nobody has approached the State government so far seeking compensation, as no formal notification or order was issued in this regard notifying such deaths as those due to pest attacks.

This is the first time that the government was approached for compensation by those affected who claimed such attack on humans could be termed a disaster.

Speaking to The Hindu, a senior KSDMA officer said, “the bee and wasp attack is also a kind of disaster from the perspective of a common man. So, the affected parties can claim compensation for deaths due to such attacks under the norms of the SDRF. They can also claim compensation from other agencies if they are entitled to get assistance as per the norms of those agencies or departments.”

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