MLA has an advice for water-starved T.N.

I.B. Sathish
Staff Reporter THIRUVANANTHAPURAM 09 July 2019 01:09 IST
Updated: 09 July 2019 01:10 IST

Follow the water conservation model of Kattakada, says I.B. Sathish in an open letter

A Kerala MLA has come forward with a word of advice for water-starved Tamil Nadu, to replicate a model of water conservation that has proved to be successful in his constituency.


In an open letter to the people of the neighbouring State, I.B. Sathish, MLA, of the Kattakada constituency, has suggested activities similar to that taken up under the ‘Jalasamrudhi’ project in his constituency over the past three years, as a way out to the current problem of water scarcity.

“I remember that in Nemom block of Kattakada constituency we were faced with a semi-critical situation some time ago. A project named ‘Jalasamrudhi’ was launched with activities like digging farm ponds, setting up ground water recharging pits in institutions, and construction of check dams in streams and small rivers. Within a year, the water tables showed remarkable improvement. So the situation is definitely retrievable,” said the MLA of the ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF), in his open letter.


Safe level

The Nemom block has been found to have improved its groundwater level from semi-critical to safe, as per the latest report of the Ground Water Estimation Committee.

The improvement in groundwater levels has been attributed to the water conservation activities.

In Nemom, the stage of groundwater extraction as per the committee’s report in 2013 was 73.41%, which has now improved to 69.30%.

All for Tamil Nadu

“For us in Kattakada, Tamil Nadu is just next door. Not only our past seems conjoined but our present gets intertwined as well. The fares that adorn our dining tables are sourced from the fertile fields of Tamil Nadu. That is why the unprecedented and unforeseen drought affects us emotionally and materially. I am sure the people of Tamil Nadu who are facing this calamity boldly and calmly will rise to the occasion. Such is the history of Tamil Nadu and its people — unflinching in the face of adversities and coming on top against all odds,” said Mr. Satish in the open letter.

Mr. Satish told The Hindu that he had got several calls from Tamil Nadu after the open letter was published on his Facebook page.

Mr. Satish also expressed hope that the State government there would initiate some action regarding the issue.

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