Kerala local body polls 2020 results updates: As LDF sweeps polls, IUML says UDF must introspect

With all political fronts keeping their fngers crossed, the results of the three-tier local body polls in the State are likely a template for the Assembly polls due in another four months.

December 16, 2020 08:23 am | Updated 11:54 pm IST

Left Democratic Front activists celebrate in Kochi as news of LDF majority in Kochi Corporation polls emerged.

Left Democratic Front activists celebrate in Kochi as news of LDF majority in Kochi Corporation polls emerged.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI(M)]-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) has managed to gain a clear upper hand in the local body elections in Kerala, even as the State gears up for the crucial Assembly polls next year.

As per the latest updates on election results published by the State Election Commission (SEC) , the LDF holds a clear majority in three of the six Corporations, 10 of the 14 district panchayats, 35 of the 86 municipalities and in addition to a majority of block panchayats and grama panchayats.

Meanwhile, the United Democratic Front (UDF) has lost significant ground in the State compared to the 2015 elections. In the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, for instance, the UDF's seat tally has slipped further from 21 to 10.

The BJP retained the Palakkad municipality and seized the Pandalam municipality by winning 18 of the 33 wards. The BJP candidates also won in 23 of the grama panchayats.

The local body elections were conducted in three phases on December 8, 10 and 14.


Here are the latest updates:

5.10 pm

UDF must introspect, says IUML

The Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) has called upon the UDF, particularly the Congress, to introspect its performance in the local body elections.

“We have protected our strongholds in Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Kannur and Kasargod districts. We have made huge gains in Malappuram,” IUML national chairman and State president Sayed Hyderali Shihab Thangal and national general secretary P.K. Kunhalikutty, MP, said.

The IUML will meet in a day or two to evaluate the results in detail. “We cannot make any further comments about the elections now. We will say further after the review,” said Mr. Thangal.

“The UDF should review and introspect. The Congress should introspect,” said Mr. Kunhalikutty. - Abdul Latheef Naha

5.05 pm

Mazhuvannoor, Aikaranad, Kunnathunadu, Kizhakkambalam in 20-20 fold

Twenty-Twenty Kizhakkambalam has been swept back into power at the Kizhakkambalam panchayat even as it has captured the imagination of voters in neighbouring Mazhuvannoor, Aikkaranadu and Kunnathunadu panchayats, where it won massive mandates.

While Twenty-Twenty won 14 of the 15 wards in Kizhakkambalam panchayat, it won 11 of the 18 seats in Kunnathunad where the UDF won six seats and the CPM one seat.

In Mazhuvannoor panchayat, the 20-20 won 15 seats while in Aikaranad panchayat it won all the 14 seats in the panchayat council.

Sabu M. Jacob, founder of the Kizhakkambalam 20-20 group said that the non-political entity had proved its worth to the people, administering the Kizhakkambalam panchayat over the last five years in a non-biased, non-partisan manner and giving all the benefits to the people without any political or other considerations.

The Kizhakkambalam 20-20 was floated more than five years ago to turn the village into a model village by 2020. Since then non-political group has been able to turn the village into an ideal for other panchayats, providing provisions at reasonable rates and building great quality infrastructure like roads and storm water drains, as well as protecting and strengthening local sources of water supply.

The 20-20 group has also been able to make its presence felt in the Vengola panchayat where the UDF has won six seat and LDF two seats. The panchayat is now under UDF rule. - K.A. Martin

4.45 pm

Sterling victory for UDF in Malappuram

The UDF, particularly the Indian Union Muslim League, put up a sterling performance in Malappuram by winning 26 of the 32 District Panchayat divisions, nine of the 12 municipalities, 12 of the 15 block panchayats, and 74 of the 94 grama panchayats.

UDF leaders said that Malappuram proved yet again to be its bastion.

The Muslim League and the Congress had buried their hatchet in several civic bodies in Malappuram. This renewed unity in the UDF, which was missing in the last civc body elections held in 2015, has been viewed as major reason for the UDF triumph in Malappuram. - Abdul Latheef Naha

4.15 pm

A repeat of 2015 in Kozhikode

With results of 62 out of 75 seats in Kozhikode Corporation have been announced, LDF has won in 39 seats while UDF won 13 and NDA 4 seats.

However, both LDF and UDF have the support of three independents each.

Neither LDF, nor UDF have lost too many sitting seats. Where they have lost, they have compensated elsewhere. Hence, the final result may be too close to the one in 2015.

However, the BJP is likely to lose four of its seven sitting seats, while having gained one additional seat. - Aabha Raveendran

3.06 p.m.

LDF retains Koyilandy

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) has won 21 out of 44 divisions in its fight to retain power in Koyilandy municipality. UDF which came out victorious in nine seats continues to lead in other five divisions.

Koyilandy has been with the LDF for 25 years.  Of the 44 divisions, 29 were with the LDF in the last local body elections. The United Democratic Front (UDF) had 13 seats. BJP which had two seats last time managed to retain it. It is also leading in another division. - Mithosh Joseph

2.43 p.m.

UDF takes Kalayad

The Periya twin murder case in Kalayad ward turned in favour of UDF to win the elections. The candidate C.M. Shazi won the seat by more than 500 seats, ending the CPI(M) hold in the ward. The LDF did not have their own candidates here.

The Pullur Periya, which was once a stronghold of the congress had shifted their support to the Left. However, the murder of Sharath and Kripesh, became a point of discussion during this election. The government moving against the CBI inquiry further affected the views of the voters. - C.P. Sajit

2.42 p.m.

LDF wins Thrissur

LDF wins Thrissur Corporation with a margin of a single seat. When LDF won 24 seats, the UDF could win only 23 seats. The NDA retained its status in the corporation with six seats. Now the stand of UDF rebel M.K. Varghese will be significant. Election to Pullazhi division, sitting seat of the LDF, was postponed following the death of LDF candidate. - Mini Kurian

2.41 p.m.

LDF retains V adakara municipality

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) has retained its five-decade old hold in Vadakara municipality by winning 27 out of the 47 divisions. The UDF which had high hopes to upset the red citadel could secure only 16 seats so far. The BJP managed to improve its presence by securing three seats.

Result is awaited in one more division, where the UDF is leading now. The LDF which had 28 seats last time could not meet its expectations to secure 30 seats. The UDF also could not improve its presence in the municipality other than just maintaining the status in its own strongholds. - Mithosh Joseph

2.40 p.m.

LDF wins in Thiruvananthapuram

The LDF has registered a thumping victory in the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, winning 51 wards out of a total of 100 wards.  BJP has won 34 wards, close to their tally in 2015, when they advanced from a mere 6 wards to winning 35 wards. The UDF has been pushed to the third place again, with just 9 wards. Five independents have also won. Results are awaited in a few more wards.

Though the BJP has retained its wards, the results have come as a disappointment for the party, which had mounted a mega campaign to capture the capital city's Corporation. - M.P. Praveen

2.39 p.m.

Sound governance aided LDF's victory: Prakash Karat

Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI(M)] Polit Bureau member Prakash Karat said good grassroots level governance saw the Left Democratic Front (LDF) prevail over the vicious campaign of slander unleashed by the Congress and Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP) to tarnish the record of the Pinarayi Vijayan government in Kerala.

The LSGIs, overwhelmingly controlled by the LDF since 2015, were instrumental in succouring people and ushering development in the face of natural calamities and finally, the pandemic. They were a model for the entire country.

Voters had tangibly experienced, both at the family and community levels, the efficacy of LDF rule.

The daily reality of life under LDF rule informed their electoral choice in the local body polls. The people awarded the LDF government a resounding victory. They would do the same in the Assembly elections in 2021, he said. - G. Anand

2.35 p.m.

LDF suffers setbacks in  municipalities in Ernakulam

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) suffered significant setbacks in elections to the 13 municipalities in Ernakulam district as it ceded power in three municipalities managing to retain only three while the United Democratic Front (UDF) increased its tally from the previous seven to 10.

LDF was voted out in Angamaly and Thrikkakara municipalities and was trailing in Muvattupuzha where results in a few divisions were yet to be declared. It managed to retain only Koothattukulam, Eloor, and Tripunithura municipalities where it, however, will have to muster further support after falling short of the simple majority in all three.

UDF wrested back power in Angamaly and Kothamangalam municipalities and was leading in Muvattupuzha. It managed simple majority in Aluva, Angamaly, North Paravur, and Maradu municipalities while emerged the single biggest front in Thrikkakara, Perumbavur, Piravom, Kothamangalam, Kalamasserry, and in all likelihood in Muvattupuzha as well. But it suffered a major blow in Tripunithura municipality where it was decisively dislodged as the principal opposition by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

NDA gave a close fight to LDF in Tripunithura where it bagged 15 seats, an increase of three from the previous poll. It also opened its account in Angamaly municipality by securing two seats. Overall, it improved its tally from 22 across seven municipalities in the previous election to 34 in eight municipalities this time around.

Independents of all hues have made significant gains in this election assuming the role of kingmakers in all municipalities where the major fronts fell short of the simple majority. At one point, they were in the lead in Eloor, Kothamangalam and Piravom municipalities before the major fronts managed to sneak back to slender leads. However, thr much touted apolitical outfit Janamunnettam that fielded candidates in 33 divisions in Thrikkakara failed to win a single seat though independents will still dictate terms in the municipality. - M.P. Praveen

2.14 p.m.

LDF wrests Alappuzha municipality from UDF; no clear winner in Mavelikara

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) has registered a thumping victory in Alappuzha municipality. The LDF wrested the civic body from the United Democratic Front (UDF) by winning 35 out of the 52 seats. The UDF has to settle for 11 seats. The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) bagged three seats, while others won three seats. Former municipal chairman Thomas Joseph of the Congress tasted defeat in Kottamkulangara ward. He finished third behind BJP and CPI (M) candidates.

Meanwhile, the UDF retained power in Chengannur municipality by winning 14 out of the 27 seats. The NDA finished second with eight seats. The LDF won one seat, while others bagged four seats.

In the 28-seat Mavelikara municipality, the LDF, UDF and NDA bagged nine seats each, while one seat was won by an LDF rebel candidate.

The LDF is on course to victory in Kayamkulam and Cherthala municipalities, where results in some of the seats are pending. In the 29-seat Haripad municipality, the UDF has so far bagged 12 seats, LDF eight and NDA five. - Sam Paul A.

2.12 p.m.

LDF sweeps the  Nileswaram municipality

LDF sweeps the  Nileswaram municipality with a thumping win in Kasaragod district. While LDF won 20 seats, UDF managed to win 9 seats and three won by others. Compared to 2015, the UDF lost one seat to LDF and three to Others. - C.P. Sajit

2.07 p.m.

UDF trounced the LDF in Payyoli municipality

The United Democratic Front (UDF) has trounced the Left Democratic Front (LDF) in Payyoli municipality by securing 20 out of the 36 divisions on Wednesday. LDF which came to power through a no-confidence-motion against the UDF in 2018 with the support of the Lok Tantric Janata Dal could win only 14 seats so far.

 Payyoli had witnessed a tight race after UDF alleged “political opportunism and sabotage of democratic verdict” against the LDF for its takeover of power through the no confidence motion. Though UDF came to power after the last elections in 2015 with 19 seats, their tenure was coming to an end in 2018 with a no confidence motion passed with the support of three Lok Tantric Janata Dal councillors. - Mithosh Joseph

2.05 p.m.

S.Suresh trailing by close to 2000 votes

Former BJP Thiruvananthapuram district secretary S.Suresh, one of the star candidates of the NDA, is trailing by close to 2000 votes in the Venganoor division of the Thiruvananthapuram district panchayat. LDF is leading in 20 of the 26 divisions in the district panchayat, with UDF leading in 6. The BJP which was expecting to make major gains, and fielded Suresh to make clear its intentions, has drawn a blank. - M.P. Praveen

1.40 pm

Independent candidates to determine who runs Kochi Corporation

Regardless of whether LDF or UDF wins majority in Kochi Corporation polls, one thing is sure. Independent candidates will play a significant role in deciding who runs the next government in the Corporation.

While the LDF has won 33 seats, the UDF secured majority in 30 seats, BJP in five, and the Independents in four. The results of two more seats are to be declared. The counting in the Kunnumpuram division of the corporation was stalled after the electronic voting machine developed a technical snag.

Meanwhile, both the LDF and UDF have started negotiations with the independent candidates. - K.S. Sudhi

1.30 pm

In Kozhikode, BJP swaps sitting seats for new ones

BJP is likely to lose all but one of its seven sitting seats in Kozhikode Corporation.

As sitting councillor of Chevarambalam E. Prashanth Kumar lost from Civil station ward, another sitting seat, the party lost both the seats. BJP floor leader Nambidi Narayanan is likely lose from Panniyankara, while the party is likely to lose Meenchanda, his sitting seat. Beypore Port, Beypore and Marad are the othet sitting seats BJP is likely to lose.

On the other hand, the part has scored victory in Puthiyara ward through Yuva Morcha leader T. Raneesh. It may retain Karapparamba, another sitting seat through Navya Haridas, the Mayor candidate while Chakorathukulam and Athanikkal too may sway towards BJP. - Aabha Raveendran

1.20 pm

BJP candidate injured in clash with CPI(M) workers

A clash broke out between the Bharatiya Janata Party and Communist Party of India (Marxist) workers during a victory celebration at Koyilandy. The irate workers who turned out in large numbers by around 12 noon resorted to pelting of stones on the street.

Vysakh, a BJP candidate who won from Cheriyamangad ward, sustained head injuries in the heavy pelting of stones. He was admitted to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital. A few CPI (M) workers also sustained injuries in the incident. 

Police sources said the area was remaining tensed and more policemen would be deployed soon to avert further political clashes. A few who allegedly pelted stones at the police and their vehicles from a high-rise building were taken into custody.

Clash broke out in the area after the LDF workers came out in large numbers, challenging the BJP to celebrate their victory in 21 seats.  The BJP had secured three seats, thereby improving its presence. - Mithosh Joseph

1.10 pm

LDF breaches UDF bastion in Pala municipality

Riding on the momentum triggered by the inclusion of the Kerala Congress (M) faction led by Jose K. Mani, the Left Democratic Front is on course to pull off an improbable victory in Pala municipality, which has been long-regarded as a UDF bastion.

As per the latest results available, the LDF has won 15 out of the 26 seats in the municipal council with the candidates fielded by the Mani group emerging victorious in as many as 10 wards. The UDF on the other hand, has won just eight seats and of this, the KC(M) faction led by P.J. Joseph won from just three wards.

With the Mani group fielding candidates in 16 and Joseph group in 13 wards, the municipality became the stage for a direct clash between the KC(M) splinter groups that have been fighting hard to claim the legacy of K.M. Mani — the Kerala Congress patriarch who died in April 2019 . Among these, the two outfits squared up to each other in seven wards.

The huge victory is expected to help the Mani faction stabilise its position within the LDF coalition, and give it an edge over the Nationalist Congress Party, which currently holds the all-important Pala Assembly seat. The victory has also helped the Mani group dismiss the rival KC(M) faction as weak and inconsequential. - Hiran Unnikrishnan

1 pm

BJP back in power in Palakkad Municipality

The BJP returned to power with a clear majority in Palakkad Municipality.

The party has won 28 of the 52 seats in Palakkad. In the outgoing council, the BJP was the largest front with 24 seats and was in rule.

Meanwhile, the Congress has won 14 seats, the LDF seven seats, the Welfare Party one seat, and Independents 2 seats in Palakkad Municipality. - Abdul Lateef Naha

12.40 pm

Aikkaranad goes to non-political organisation, TwentyTwenty

The Aikkaranad panchayat, which neighbours the Kizhakkambalam panchayat, has gone to the non-political organisation Kizhakkakbmalam TwentyTwenty. Nine of the 14 wards have been won by candidates fielded by the TwentyTwenty group at the time of filing this report.

Sabu M. Jacob, founder of the Kizhakkambalam 2020 group said that the non-political entity had proved its worth to the people, adminstering the panchayats in a non-biased manner and giving all the benefits to the people without any political or other considerations.

He said that the Kizhakkambalam 2020 had fielded candidates in Kunnathunadu, Vengola, Mazhuvannoor and Kizhakkambalam panchayats for the elections to the local bodies this year.

The Kizhakkambalam 2020 was floated more than five years ago to turn the village into a model village by 2020 . Since then, the non-political group has been able to turn the village into an ideal for other panchayats, providing provisions at resonable rates and building great quality infrastructure like roads and storm wate drains. - Martin K.

12.30 pm

NDA wrests power in Pandalam

The National Democratic Alliance, which has made significant advances in Pathanamthitta district during the local body elections, has halted the Left Democratic Front's progress in Pandalam and wrested power in the municipal council. Pandalam is home to the fame Sabarimala temple, which was mired in controversy recently following a Supreme Court case regarding the entry of women of a certain age .

Of the total 33 wards in the local body, the NDA has already won 17 seats and is leading in a couple of other divisions. The LDF, meanwhile, was trailing begind with seven seats while the UDF bagged just five seats.

The NDA had won just seven seats in the municipality during the local body elections held five years ago. Notwithstanding the infighting within the coalition, the NDA was counting on winning the council this time on the back of intense electioneering works at the grass roots. - Hiran Unnikrishnan

12.20 pm

RMPI's V. Sugathan loses in Kozhikode's Kallamala

Revolutionary Marxist Party of India candidate V. Sugathan, who was supported by the UDF in the Kallamala block panchayat division of Kozhikode district, was trounced by his LDF opponent Ashish with a margin of over 1,000 votes.

It was a controversial seat as KPCC president Mullappally Ramachandran wanted to field a Congress candidate opposing the local leaders' plan to support the RMPI in his home turf. Mr. Ramachandran was forced to  reconsider his decision subsequent to the strong pressure from the local leadership.

Congress leader and parliament member K. Muraleedharan had also opposed Mullappally's stance. Though K.P. Jayakumar, the official UDF candidate disappeared from the campaign scene following the new alliance, his name and the Congress symbol were there on the ballot. RMPI fielded the former CPI (M) branch secretary as a protest against the LDF-led government's "police raj" in the State. - Mithosh Joseph

12.10 pm

UDF rebels play crucial role in Pattambi Municipality

The role of UDF rebels has become crucial in Pattambi Municipality, where the UDF won 11 seats, LDF 10 seats and the NDA one seat. The six seats won by independent candidates have become crucial in deciding the municipality rule.

The LDF had put up a strong fight here , trying hard to capitalise on the rebel issues the UDF faced here in the initial days of the nomination. In the outgoing council, UDF had 18 seats and LDF, 11. - Abdul Lateef Naha

12 pm

Municipal leads from Ernakulam at fourth hour

UDF leads in 9 municipalities having so far won 126 out of the 421 divisions up for grabs across 13 municipalities. LDF leads in 3 municipalities with 102 divisions.

NDA has so far bagged 24 divisions, two more than what they managed in the last poll.

OTHs strike gold having bagged 68 divisions and emerging the single biggest block in Eloor municipality 11 seats and are in a position to dictate who grabs power at least in Thrikkakara, Kothangalam and Piravom municipalities. - M.P. Praveen


A comfortable victory

Indian Union Muslim League national general secretary P.K. Kunhalikutty greets jubilant UDF workers as the UDF comfortably secures power in Malappuram.

Indian Union Muslim League national general secretary P.K. Kunhalikutty greets jubilant UDF workers as the UDF comfortably secures power in Malappuram.


11.40 am

LDF, NDA win big in Varkala

Varkala Municipality is set for a close finish with the LDF and NDA winning 12 and 11 wards respectively. The UDF, which had won 12 wards last time, has fallen to the third place with seven seats. While the results of two more wards were yet to be declared.

Severe infighting within the UDF that resulted in the Muslim League fielding candidates against the official ones has appeared to have damaged the UDF's prospects in the local body.

Varkala Municipality will have a hung council with none of the coalitions winning a clear majority. The LDF could only win 12 wards, while the NDA emerged victorious in 11 wards. The UDF won seven wards in the 33-seat council, while three independent candidates also managed to win. - Sarath Babu George

11.30 am

Gold smuggling case accused Karat Faisal wins

Controversial businessman and politician Karat Faisal, who is an accused in a gold smuggling case, has won from his seat.

He had filed his nomination papers to contest as an Independent candidate from the Chudappuram ward in Koduvally municipality in Kozhikode district.

In 2015, Mr. Faisal, had won from the Parambathu ward of Koduvally municipality, as an Independent candidate with the backing of the CPI(M)-led Left Democratic Front (LDF). However, this time the CPI (M) leadership took a decision not to support him after the Customs Commissionerate (Preventive) in Kochi questioned him in connection with the gold smuggling through diplomatic channel in Thiruvananthapuram airport last month. - Jayanth

11.20 am

Kodiyeri sees LDF sweep

Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI(M)] polit bureau member Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said the Left Democratic Front (LDF) was poised to register a decisive win in the local body polls. The victory would echo strongly in the Assembly polls in 2021, he said.

Mr. Balakrishnan said people have voted for the LDF’s political programme. "They have endorsed the track record of the Pinarayi Vijayan government. The voters have forcefully repudiated the politics of recrimination practised by the United Democratic Front (UDF) and National Democratic Alliance (NDA)," he said.

"The verdict was also a slap in the face of central agencies. They had overstepped their constitutional bounds and attempted to cast the LDF government under a cloud of suspicion to aid the Congress and Bharathiya Janata Party politically," he said.


11.10 am

You win some, lose some

T. Padmamumari of the NDA turned out to be the giant killer in the Kochi corporation as she defeated N. Venugopal, the mayoral aspirant of the UDF, by a margin of one vote in the Island north division. A debutant, she secured 182 of the 496 votes polled in the division.

Padmakumari, the BJP candidate, who defeated UDF leader N. Venugopal at Island North constituency

Padmakumari, the BJP candidate, who defeated UDF leader N. Venugopal at Island North constituency

The contest was considered as a close race between Mr. Venugopal and LDF's C.D. Nandakumar, general secretary of the CITU-affiliated Cochin Port Employees’ Organisation. In two decades, the LDF has bagged the seat once, in 2010.

Senior Congress leader N. Venugopal, the Mayor probable of the UDF in Kochi corporation, who contested from Island North was defeated by a slim margin.

Senior Congress leader N. Venugopal, the Mayor probable of the UDF in Kochi corporation, who contested from Island North was defeated by a slim margin.

With only 649 voters, the division could be one of the smallest in the State, Mr. Venugopal had said earlier.

11 am

BJP spokesperson B. Gopalakrishnan defeated

B. Gopalakrishnan, NDA’s Mayor candidate and  BJP State  spokesperson, failed at Kuttankulangara division of the Thrissur corporation. UDF candidate B. Suresh Kumar won the seat. The LDF was pushed to the third position.

The BJP fielded Mr. Gopalakrishnan from Kuttankulangara, the sitting seat of BJP, which has been considered as a saffron bastion. In the last Lok Sabha elections, Suresh Gopi had won majority in the division.

The BJP, which had six councilors in the last council, fielded the state leader aiming to win more seats. The BJP alleged UDF-LDF secret alliance to defeat Mr. Gopalakrishnan. - Mini Muringatheri


Maiden win

V.K. Shiju who gave maiden win for BJP in Kannur Corporation being congratulated by the BJP vice president Abdulla Kutty and District President N. Haridas. He won the election in Pallikunnu, which is a sitting seat of UDF, by 136 votes

V.K. Shiju who gave maiden win for BJP in Kannur Corporation being congratulated by the BJP vice president Abdulla Kutty and District President N. Haridas. He won the election in Pallikunnu, which is a sitting seat of UDF, by 136 votes


10.45 am

Another upset in Thiruvananthapuram

A.G. Oleena, who was projected as one of the possible mayoral candidates of the LDF in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, was defeated by UDF candidate Mary Pushpam in Kunnukuzhy ward.

The ward, which is considered as a stronghold of the Left, saw a tight race. This was Ms. Oleena's maiden run in the polls. - S.R. Praveen

Meanwhile, the LDF appears set for the comfortable victory in Nedumangad Municipality that has been a red bastion for 25 years. The CPI(M)-led coalition currently led in 24 wards, while the UDF is ahead in only seven. The NDA, which had won four wards last time, maintained leads in only three. - Sarath Babu George

10.30 am

Close battle in Adoor

Of the four municipalities in Pathanamthitta district, LDF leads in by a huge margin in Pathanamthitta and Thiruvalla while the NDA has taken a slight lead in Pandalam by winning five seats. Adoor is witnessing a close battle with both the UDF and the LDF winning three seats each.

UDF, which has won ten wards, takes a slight lead over the LDF in Changanassery municipality. The NDA, meanwhile, scores victory in a couple of seats and leads in another two. - Sarath Babu George

10.15 am

Confident of an LDF majority, says Rakhi Ravikumar

Former Deputy Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation Rakhi Ravikumar, who successfully retained control of Vazhuthacaud ward, appeared confident of clear majority for LDF in the council.

"Our development works during the last five years as well as the efforts made by the Pinarayi Vijayan-led government have boosted our chances. The electorate has responded to the baseless allegations levelled by the Opposition." - Sarath Babu George

10 am

LDF, UDF jostle for top spot in Kasaragod

In Kasaragod district, LDF leads in Kanhagad municipality in 11 wards, while UDF maintains manage a lead in 2 wards.

In Kasaragod municipality out of 38 wards, UDF leads in 12 wards, wile NDA leads in six and others in three. In Nileswaram both UDF and LDF are leading two wards each while in Others are leading in one ward.

9.45 am

Thiruvananthapuram for NDA?

NDA appears to be giving the other coalitions a stiff fight in Thiruvananthapuram district. The BJP-led coalition has won 12 out of the 19 seats where counting is complete. These include three in Attingal Municipality, one in Neyyattinkara Municipality and five in Varkala Municipality.

While in UDF has won six seats, the LDF currently has only one in its kitty. - Sarath Babu George

9.30 am

UDF leading in Malappuram municipalities

The UDF has established a clear lead in 10 out of the 12 municipalities in Malappuram district.

People crowd outside Governement College in Malappuram awaiting results of the election

People crowd outside Governement College in Malappuram awaiting results of the election


The municipalities where the UDF is leading are: Malappuram, Kondotty, Manjeri, Perinthalmanna, Tirur, Tirurangadi, Kottakkal, Parappanangadi, Valanchery, and Tanur. The LDF is leading in Ponnani. The picture is not yet clear in Nilambur Municipality. - Abdul  Latheef Naha

9.15 am

NDA takes lead in Shornur

No counting day is complete without upsets.

In Kochi Corporation's Elamkulam division, Antony Painuthara of UDF defeated Poornima Narayan by a thin margin of around 400 votes. Ms. Narayan is the former chairperson of Education Standing Committee of Kochi Corporation.

Similarly, in Shoranur Municipality in Palakkad district, the NDA has taken an unexpected lead. The BJP-led front is leading in four seats whilethe LDF is in the lead in two in Shoranur.

9 am

LDF takes early leads

Into one hour of counting, the LDF was ahead in four Corporations and the UDF in two in the State. The UDF was leading in 131 grama panchayats and the LDF in 141. The NDA was ahead in 11.

The LDF was ahead in 38 block panchayats and the UDF in 15.

The UDF was ahead in 44 of the municipalities and the LDF in 30. NDA was ahead in three municipalities.

UDF's Kochi Mayor candidate defeated

Meanwhile, senior Congress leader N. Venugopal, the Mayor probable of the UDF in Kochi corporation, who contested from Island North, was defeated by a margin of one vote. The BJP candidate Padmakumari won the division.

8.45 am

Kudumbashree has place of pride on poll map

Shinija N.V. of Pattiam grama panchayat in Kannur joined the Kudumbashree 18 years ago. She was soon made secretary of her neighbourhood self-help group. She rose through the ranks to become the Kudumbashree area development society (ADS) secretary and then community development society (CDS) member.

In 2010, Shinija contested the local body elections, won, and went on to become the development standing committee chairperson. Ten years later, she is standing for the elections again - from the 12th ward of the panchayat.

Like Shinija, 16,864 other Kudumbashree women are eagerly awaiting the results of the local body elections on Wednesday. Kudumbashree women, in fact, form a good chunk of the 36,305 women candidates (46.5%) in the fray.


8.30 am

Early trends emerge as postal ballots counted

Early trends emerging from various centres following the counting of special and postal ballots indicated a lead for CPI(M)-led LDF in Kozhikode Corporation, Angamaly, Thrikkakara, and Thiruvanathapuram Corporation.

Meanwhile, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) took early lead in two seats in Palakkad Municipality when the counting of votes started at 8 a.m. Palakkad was the only municipality under the BJP rule in Kerala in the last five years.

8.15 am | Kozhikode

Prohibitory orders in parts of Kozhikode

Counting in Kozhikode district will take place at 20 designated centres. To ward off  any possibility of violence, the District Collector has issued prohibitory orders in politically and communally sensitive areas, all coming under the police station limits of Vadakara, Nadapuram, Valayam, Kuttiyadi and Perambra. This will be in force till 6 p.m. on Thursday.

Kozhikode district had recorded a voter turnout of 79.23%. - Biju Govind

8 am

Postal ballots being counted first

Postal ballots, including special postal ballot papers issued to COVID-19 patients and quarantined electors, are being counted first. The counting of votes recorded in the electronic voting machines (EVM) will be taken up by 8.30 a.m.

The results of the grama panchayat elections are expected to be out first. The counting process is conducted by observing COVID-19 protocols in view of the worrying COVID-19 situation in Kerala.

The State Election Commission has urged political parties to avoid crowds during the victory celebrations. -Tiki Rajwi

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