Euphrasia was living saint for the faithful

Servant of God, Sr. Euphrasia, who has been elevated to Venerable status.  

Colleagues, fellow nuns, and local people say Sister Euphrasia was a living saint.

The 83-year-old Sister Athanasia of Christ Raja Convent, Pavaratty, remembers the days she spent with Sister Euphrasia.

Sister Athanasia studied at St. Mary’s Convent School, Ollur. “I used to watch Sister Euphrasia praying with a rosary in her hand in the chapel. Whenever we faced some problems either in school or at home, we used to ask Sister Euphrasia to pray for us. She was a living saint,” says Sister Athanasia.

Later when she became a nun, Sister Athanasia had opportunity to spend time with Sister Euphrasia in the convent. Sister Cleopatra, Mother of St. Mary’s Convent, was another nun who had an opportunity to be with Sister Euphrasia. She initiated the procedures for the canonisation of Sister Euphrasia. She will be in the group going to Rome to witness the canonisation ceremonies.

Sister Euphrasia’s family has another Euphrasia — granddaughter of her brother. She was named after Sister Euphrasia when her mother developed complications during her delivery. The family believes that the blessings of Sister Euphrasia helped overcome the crisis. Sister Euphrasia herself named the child Euphrasia.

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