Do you know all bikes aren’t the same?


A guide to bike varieties and prices

For cycling aficionados, multi-speed bikes come in three broad categories – mountain terrain bikes (MTB), road bikes, and hybrid bikes.

Irrespective of the category, the quality of the frame material is a deciding factor in pricing. While aluminium alloy is the basic norm, bikes also come in carbon frames.

Sturdily built, muscular, and fitted with broad tyres, MTB is considered the SUV among bikes. Though designed for off-road biking, they are being preferred by many for city rides thanks to their capacity to withstand the vagaries of potholed roads.

They come with a price tag ranging from as low as ₹10,000 and running into lakhs. Bike experts, however, recommend the ones priced between ₹25,000 and ₹35,000 for quality and endurance.


Extremely lightweight and energy efficient with high spec components and thin tyres, road bikes are fit for both evenly surfaced roads and even climbing hills, covering long distances at great speed.

Owing to its dropdown handlebar design, it takes some getting used to the riding posture. While they come with different price tags, experts rule out anything priced below ₹45,000 and recommend the ones priced in the range of ₹70,000 as ideal.

Do you know all bikes aren’t the same?

Hybrid bikes fall between MTBs and road bikes, which are best encapsulated by their tyre, which is neither as thin as that of road bikes nor as thick as that of MTBs. With their solid frame and a handlebar designed ensuring a far more upright and comfortable posture for the biker, they are being increasingly preferred for city rides. Go for the ones priced ₹25,000 and above is the expert opinion.

There are tandem bikes designed for twin riders and have two-a-piece of seats, pedals and handles priced in the range of ₹35,000 to ₹1.50 lakh. They are not so user-friendly and are mostly restricted to events and races.

Their elongated structure makes negotiation of curves a laborious task demanding considerable skill. They are far from popular in this part of the world and are likely to remain showpiece items at best.

Do you know all bikes aren’t the same?

Balance bikes, a pedal-less lightweight bike best suited to introduce a child to cycling around the age of 20 months, are also available in the market within a range of ₹3,000.

Then there are the single-speed bikes with a price tag starting as low as ₹3,500. With geared bikes the new norm they have had a free fall in the popularity metre.

Choosing the correct frame size and custom fitting it to suit the body type is extremely crucial since even a slight difference in seat or handlebar position could lead to body aches and lasting injuries considering the long distances covered by bikers these days.

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