CPI(M) seeks debate on policy changes

Time is up to initiate a serious debate on the dangers involved in making crucial policy alterations without public consensus and due parliamentary whetting, says CPI(M) Polit Bureau member S. Ramachandran Pillai.

The CPI(M) would launch a campaign on the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) and changes in labour laws and such others and also bare the tacit understanding between the right wing forces to push their agenda ignoring the loss of life and livelihood to legions following the spread of COVID-19. The accent of the discussions would be on the Central government strategy to use COVID-19 as a cover to push policy changes without moulding a public opinion or parliamentary debate, Mr. Pillai told The Hindu.

“The NEP drawn up by the Centre seeks to challenge the plurality and diversity of the education system in vogue and make higher and better education a preserve of the privileged elite. It also infringes on the rights of the States to impart education for all sections for creating cosmopolitan citizens,” he says.

Amendments to the labour laws have serious ramifications, especially when the life and livelihood of the people are at stake. Still it has not evoked any serious discussion. The undue attention being given to the construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya and similar issues are nothing but a diversionary tactics to lure public attention from the real issues that directly impact them, Mr. Pillai says.

Earlier the Centre had resorted a similar strategy of bypassing Parliament, but it was hushed up by flagging frivolous issues, he says.

Against fundamentalism

The CPI(M) would bare the electoral pact being made by the United Democratic Front, at the behest of the Congress and the Indian Union Muslim League, with the Welfare Party of India and similar outfits with an eye on the local body and Assembly elections in the offing. The CPI(M) is committed to upholding its secular credentials and would steadfastly keep majority and minority fundamentalist elements at bay, Mr. Pillai says.

On reiterating such positions, conscious attempts are being made to disparage the party and its leaders through a smear campaign, he adds.

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