Meteoroid-like object under expert scrutiny

The initial examination of an object, believed to be a meteoroid, which was found at Peerumade on Tuesday night, showed the characteristics of iron ore rather than of rock, scientists of the Geological Survey of India (GSI) have said. The object weighs 1.35 kg, is 7.5 cm long, and 5 cm wide.

Scientists, who examined the object, said that only after a detailed test at its geological lab in Kolkata would it be confirmed whether it had fallen from outer space, or belonged to a rock, or was an iron ore piece.

The meteoroid-like object was first noticed by an autorickshaw driver, who said that it fell in front of his moving vehicle. It was later taken to the police station and people were alerted.

The GSI team, led by its director C. Thanavelu and comprising scientists K.R. Praveen and P.C. Vishnu, examined the object. Mr. Thanavelu told The Hindu that the object looked like meteoroid, though it could not be confirmed. Many factors had to be considered, he said.

If meteoroid, it would have fallen burning under atmospheric pressure. It would have continued to burn for hours. Moreover, the pit created on the ground would be enormous because of the object’s weight. The impact would have been that of a falling hot iron ball.

Other options

It could also be a piece of iron ore or metallic piece which had surfaced after lying buried for years.

In the pre-historic era the usage of iron ore or its extracted form were in prevalence and such metallic objects could be surfaced after long.

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