IS-inspired propaganda content aplenty in social media

Even as the law enforcement agencies busted an Islamic State-inspired module with their raid at Kanakamala, near Panur, here on October 2, there is no dearth of jihadist content in Malayalam being circulated online that propagates that the Islamic State (IS) represents ‘authentic Islam’.

Social media platforms being used by the IS-inspired module in the State as its propaganda tools continue to propagate pro-IS ideological materials, though they have been under surveillance of the enforcement agencies for the past couple of months.

The module’s major propaganda tool that serves as a handbook of jihadi ideology is the ‘Muhajirun’ blog, which has surfaced again after it was pulled down by host Wordpress apparently following reporting by the authorities.

The Malayalam blog that reappeared as ‘muhajirun2016’ is published by the ‘Ansarul Khaleefa Kerala’ that gives an elaborate account of topics ranging from jihad and terrorism to democracy and Syrian conflict.

The Facebook page of one ‘Sameer Ali’, apparently a fake name, is also linked with the same module and has been under surveillance. Over 40 blog entries in the Muhajirun blog include archives of articles.

The entry titled ‘Who is a terrorist’ posted on September 8 says that ‘apologetic Muslims’ all over the world ignore what it describes as the Koran’s prescription that Muslims should make ready their strength to threaten the enemy of Allah. The entry calls on believers to be ‘irhabis’ (terrorists).

The entry titled ‘What is authentic Islam?’ says that while the mainstream Muslim organisations are now in ‘partnership’ with ‘kuffars’ (unbelievers), the Islamic State is the only section that implements the religious prescription to remain hostile to unbelievers.

The title of another blog entry says that the meaning of Islam is not ‘peace’ but ‘submission’, while that of another terms democracy as ‘shirk’ (polytheism). Islam does not permit a Muslim to hold that there is a better system than Shari’a, says another entry. Recently the blog was under the scanner for posting death threat to rationalist E.A. Jabbar.

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