Rush at vehicle service centres as monsoon gains pace

With monsoon gaining pace and subsequent waterlogging, tyre care and vehicle service and repair centres in the city are seeing an increase in demand. Most of them get at least 10 puncture cases a day, while some others are engine-related problems. On the other hand, citizens are not happy as they have to bear additional charges mostly due to the condition of the roads. 

Most people end up at tyre centres after their vehicles skid on the slippery roads. “They usually would not have realised that the tyre is in bad condition, but when they drive on wet roads, they skid and then they realise there is some fault with the tyres,” said an employee at a tyre centre on Langford Road. He further said that in summer, people usually get their tyres replaced as heat makes them more prone to punctures, but during rainy season, they are mostly accidental punctures. 

Another mechanic, Manjunath in Malleswaram, said that potholes on roads are also a danger for tyre health in monsoon. “Sharp objects or nails can accumulate inside the potholes due to natural factors. If roads are flooded and the cars slip into one of these potholes, they could end up with punctures,” he said. 

The cost to fix puncture is usually between ₹50 to ₹150 at the care centres depending on the vehicle. For replacement of wheels, they charge ₹1,200 to ₹3,000 for two-wheelers, and from ₹7,000 to ₹8,000 per wheel to ₹50,000 depending on the car as well as the preferred tyre brand.  

“I left in a hurry for a meeting on Friday and a few metres away from home, I realised I had a punctured tyre. The previous day, I had driven through flooded roads and even the roads near my house are in a bad condition with potholes. The mechanic removed two big nails from the rear tyre and suggested that I change my tyres. I ended up spending ₹25,000 for two rear tyres,” said Sourav R., a resident of Jalahalli. 

When water enters cars, they end up with engine troubles, which also costs thousands of rupees to owners. In other cases, in flooded areas, if the owners do not move their cars to dry areas, it leads to brake-related problems. “If cars remain in water, it results in rust formation and thus causing brake and engine problems. This is why we advise our customers to always move their car to safety. Drivers should also ensure that they do not turn off and start the cars when it is in water to avoid damage to the engine,” said an employee of a service centre in Kodigehalli. 

“I had parked my car in the underground garage of my residential building and had gone on an overnight trip. I returned to a flooded garage and my car wouldn’t start. I had to pay ₹40,000 to replace the engine. Every time it rains, we lodge complaints with the BBMP, but it is of no use. Why should we bear the extra cost?, asked Prashanth N., resident of Amruthahalli. 

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