Man complains about cows

Special Correspondent Hassan 08 December 2021 22:42 IST
Updated: 09 December 2021 10:13 IST

A Bhadravathi farmer’s strange complaint against his cows has gone viral on social media platforms.

Ramaiah, 40, of Sidlipura in Bhadravathi taluk, recently approached Holehonnur police with a complaint that his cows were not allowing him to milk them. Even after providing them with sufficient fodder, the cattle attacked him and his family members, whenever they went to milk them, he wrote in his complaint. He also appealed to the police to summon the cows and tell them to mend their conduct.

The copy of the complaint went viral on social media. When The Hindu contacted R.L. Lakshmipathi, Police Inspector of Holehonnur, he said that it was true the person had come with the complaint and met one of the staff members near the station. However, nobody received it.


“He was in an inebriated mood when he approached our staff. It seems someone prepared such a strange complaint and gave it to him,” he said.