Inter faith friends attacked in Karnataka’s Belagavi

Special Correspondent Belagavi: 17 October 2021 14:13 IST
Updated: 17 October 2021 14:13 IST

The attackers allegedly took away their mobile phones and cash

Unidentified miscreants beat up a boy and pushed around a girl who belonged to different religions, for trying to go to a park together.

Rahul Raju Gurav of Chinchali village and Shakeera Banu of Sankeshwar had come to Belagavi bus stand on October 17 morning. They wanted to go to a stroll in a park in the city.

They got into an autorickshaw and asked the driver to go take them to a park. The auto driver saw that the girl was wearing a burkha and the boy was wearing vermilion on his forehead. He took the couple to a vacant plot in Aman Nagar instead of the park.


By then, he had called his friends on his mobile phone and asked them to come. The driver and his friends beat up the boy and berated him for going around with a Muslim girl. They also pushed around the girl, and asked her to `find a friend from her own community’.

The boy and girl have lodged a complaint at the Mala Maruti police station. In the complaint, the victims said the attackers had taken away by force, their mobile phones and ₹20,000 which was with them.

Investigation is on by the police.