Cocoon prices touch a new high on Wednesday

Special Correspondent MYSURU 08 December 2021 22:35 IST
Updated: 08 December 2021 22:36 IST

The prices of cocoons reached a new high on Wednesday with the maximum price for bivoltine variety of cocoons fetching ₹783 a kg at the Government Cocoon Market in Ramanagaram.

According to officials, a total of 262 lots of bivoltine variety of cocoons, weighing 21,968 kg were traded in the market on Wednesday. The minimum price was ₹405 per kg while the maximum was ₹783 per kg. The average price was ₹659 per kg. Officials said the ₹783 per kg was the highest price paid for cocoons.

The cross breed variety of cocoons too fetched a good price at the market on Wednesday. A total of 87 lots, weighing 3,441 kg were traded on Wednesday. While the maximum for the cross breed variety was ₹665 per kg, the minimum price was ₹330 per kg. The average price for cross breed cocoons was ₹582 per kg.


The prices of cocoons had increased over the last three weeks, fetching the growers a very good price. Officials said the cocoons were fetching a good price because of the quality yield.