Belagavi to get two art galleries under Smart City project

Member of Legislative Assembly Abhay Patil (left) discussing with Smart City officers about the gallery project at the Vaccine Depot Grounds in Belagavi.  

Belagavi will get two art galleries on the Vaccine Depot Grounds under the Smart City project at a total cost of ₹ 14 crore.

The Civil Aviation Gallery will have paintings, installations and working models. The Art Gallery will have space for exhibition, training and discussion related to art.

Abhay Patil, MLA, laid the foundation stone for the two works on the Vaccine Depot Grounds here on Saturday.

He said that it was the first time in the State that a Civil Aviation Gallery was being set up. It has the potential to become a tourist attraction, he said.

Smart City officers said that the Civil Aviation Gallery will be completed at a cost of ₹ 8 crore. It will be a central information repository. Tourists and visitors from world over will be able to experience and celebrate mankind’s pursuit of flight, spirit of invention, innovation and discovery. It will help children learn the evolution of human flight.

It will celebrate mankind’s pursuit of flight, spirit of invention, innovation and discovery to give the visitors an overview of the modern aviation industry and to inspire young minds to take up a career in aviation and space.

It will have various zones with details of different sectors of aviation. They will be ancient history like the flight of birds, with interactive exhibits and LED panels, canvas prints and other mediums.

Another zone will speak of the story of the myths, legends on the science of flying across civilizations like China, India, Egypt and Greece with copies of drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci and Vimānika Shastra, ancient Indian science of flight.

There will be an interactive zone to give a simulated experience of flying like a bird and an airplane.

There will be a central aisle with suspended models showing the evolution of aircraft and models of Bats, White Stork, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Ornithopter, LZ – 127 GrafZeppelin, Lilienthal Glider, Voisin 1907 Biplane, Wright Flyer 2, Cornu’s Helicopter, German Etrich Taube Monoplane, Messerschmitt Me 262, de Havilland Comet (DH Comet) and Concorde G-BOAB (Alpha Bravo).

A zone dedicated to hot air balloons, steerable airships and early attempts in designing powered flight like backpack gliders. There will also be models and replicas of actual objects, used flights, uniforms and tools. A section of aerial war, with aircraft technology with in-built weapons, development of radar systems and air combat tactics, and a detailed section on Indian Air Force. IAF history in the two World Wars, Hindustan Aircraft Limited and other agencies will be displayed.

There will be a section of working models and miniature models of planes, ambient lighting and signalling system. There will be a section to introduce commercial aircraft such as Boeing and sound barrier breakers. A section will be dedicated to state-of-the-art technology such as unmanned aircraft, solar-powered jets and drones and negative effects such as air congestion and pollution.

A miniature airport will be built to expose children to the facilities available in actual airports such as ATC tower, passenger terminal, runway, hangars, bridge, apron and others.

The Art Gallery will come up at a cost of ₹ 6 crore. It will have zones dedicated to the art of India, Karnataka and Belagavi. There will be areas earmarked for folk art, modern art and tribal art. There will also be a wing for dance, drama, jewellery, pottery, wood metal and stone work, music and musical instruments, according to Smart City officers.

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