Beary gets an independent script, numerals

Numerals, vowels and consonants of Beary. ‘Beary Lipi’ (Beary script) was released by Karnataka Beary Sahitya Academy in Mangaluru on Friday.  

Karnataka Beary Sahitya Academy has introduced an independent script and numerals in Beary which is said to be spoken by about 20 lakh people all over the world.

All these days Beary was dependent on the Kannada script and numerals. Beary is an ethnic Muslim society, concentrated largely in coastal Karnataka, with its own distinct traditions and language.

Academy chairman Rahim Uchil released the script and numerals here on Friday in the presence of members of an expert committee that had prepared them. With this, the language has 13 vowels, 33 consonants and nine numerals.

Addressing presspersons on the occasion, Mr. Uchil said that the committee had worked for six months on this. Claiming that Beary is about 1,000 years old, he said that the academy would use social media to create awareness on the newly-introduced script and numerals.

The academy will also launch an app through which the script and numerals can be keyed in. He said the academy will publish the 2021 Beary calendar using Beary script and numerals. The calendar will also have the Kannada script and Arabic numerals.

Mr. Uchil said the academy had taken up a proposal of introducing Beary as the third optional language in schools from Class VI. It is hopeful that the government might allow introducing the same from the 2021-22 academic year. Presently, it has been planned to use Kannada script and Arabic numerals in the proposed textbooks. But the academy will also introduce Beary script and numerals to students then. As per a preliminary survey, 3,750 students in Dakshina Kannada have evinced to opt for Beary as the third optional language. In addition to introducing Beary script and numerals, the academy has also named 12 months in Beary, for example Surumada (January), Cheremada (February), Malemada (Julyand ), and Kademada (December). Months have been named mostly based on climatic conditions and normal activities on at the time. For example, as May will be very hot, it has been named ‘Chudumada’ and April has been named ‘Nalmada’ as this particular month will have many activities, Mr. Uchil said.

Beary words for days like ‘Nyarase’ (Sunday), ‘Tingalase’ (Monday), etc., are already in use, he said.

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