Iran showcases “nuclear martyrs” at NAM summit

Iran which is under pressure from Israel for allegedly attempting to kill one of its diplomats in New Delhi by attaching a magnet bomb to her car attempted to turn the tables at the ongoing Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit by showcasing three shattered cars in which its nuclear scientists were killed by the same modus operandi.

As one approaches the conference hall, where the summit of 120 nations is taking place, attention is instantly drawn to three pillars draped in red cloth on top of which sit the three cars alongside which banners claim that the scientists driving to work in them were blown up by Mossad agents.

Describing them as “nuclear martyrs,” an Iranian official said they had decided to adopt this approach because there was hardly any mention in the discourse on global terrorism about Israel’s attempt to derail his country’s peaceful pursuit of nuclear energy through “terrorist means.”

The first car had nuclear scientist Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan in it and in front is his minor son’s photo with the caption “Iran’s future.” Next to the column hosting this car is the second pillar on top of which is another car with the driver’s seat and door blown apart. The Iranians say nuclear scientist Massod Ali Mohamadi was driving this car on January 12, 2010, when it was attacked.

The third car too is badly damaged and had “nuclear martyr” Majid Sheheryari of Amir Kabir University who lost his life in a similar magnet bomb attack on December 29 last year.

The display is so prominent that it would have been hardly missed by any delegate including kings, heads of State\government and senior Ministers and officials attending the NAM Summit. While the photos of the three scientists show them to be in the prime of their lives what brings a lump to the throat is the rosy cheeked Ali Jerag who will now have to spend the rest of his life without the comforting presence of his father Dr. Roshan.

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