Rajya Sabha discusses an amendment to Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

March 17, 2017 11:15 am | Updated 08:06 pm IST

A statue of Mahatma Gandhi overlooks Indian parliament house where federal budget budget for the year 2017-18 will be presented in New Delhi, India, Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017. The budget is being keenly watched as it comes months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a massive demonetization exercise that impacted all sections of India's economy. (AP Photo/Manish Swarup)

A statue of Mahatma Gandhi overlooks Indian parliament house where federal budget budget for the year 2017-18 will be presented in New Delhi, India, Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017. The budget is being keenly watched as it comes months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a massive demonetization exercise that impacted all sections of India's economy. (AP Photo/Manish Swarup)

After a disruption-less day, Lok Sabha reconvenes on Friday to continue its discuss on Union Budget.

Live updates:

6.30 p.m.: Motions are put to vote.

Demands for Grants under Home Ministry are passed. House is adjourned till Monday.

6 p.m.: Rajnath Singh, Minister for Home Affairs, responds.

"The security situation we have is not perfect, but we have improved considerably." The Minister says the government has approached corporates to assist martyred jawans' families.

5.30 p.m.: Pralhad Joshi is in the Chair

Kirron Kher of the BJP speaks next. "Security measures in the border areas as well as left-wing extremism are of utmost importance to our government."

Bharatendra Singh of the BJP says that more personnel need to be employed as there is no leave reserve. Dushyant Chautala speaks next.

5 p.m.: Meanwhile, the Lok Sabha is still up and working, with a robust discussion on demands for grants under Home Ministry.

Mohammed Salim of the CPI(M) is speaking. Hukmdev Narayan Yadav is in the Chair. Vishnu Dayal Ram of the BJP is up next.

Jay Prakash Narayan Yadav of the RJD rises to speak. E.T. Mohammad Basheer of the IUML speaks about attacks against minorities and Dalits.

"In the name of cultural nationalism, attacks against writers and poets have increased," he says. "Some fascist forces are trying to control our food habits, dress code, what we should watch in movies."

5 p.m.: Discussion is not completed in the Rajya Sabha.

Special Mentions are taken up. House is adjourned till Monday.

4.45 p.m.: Tathagatha Satpathy of the BJD asks for sensitisation of police forces when dealing with criminals

Ravindra Babu Pandula of the TDP speaks next about the needs of paramilitary forces and jawans committing suicide.

4.45 p.m.: Tiruchi Siva agrees to withdraw the resolution.

The resolution is withdrawn. Next a resolution on the welfare of farmers in Bundelkhand, moved by Vishambar Prasad Nishad, is taken up.

4.15 p.m.: Kakoli Ghosh of the Trinamool Congress speaks about the number of incidents in Kashmir and the North-east where civilians have been killed

4 p.m.: Jairam Ramesh asks why only bull should be removed from the law.

"Tomorrow, you will remove one animal after another."

D. Raja of the CPI speaks about the promotion of indigenous drinks over Pepsi and Coca Cola. "Cows and bulls are like family members."

In the Chair is Bhubaneswar Kalita. Sudarshan Bhagat, MoS for Agriculture replies and asks that the resolution be withdrawn.

Mr. Siva says that his advocacy for organic farming is not lesser than his advocacy for jallikattu. "I don't want to leave movable or immovable property to my children. I want to leave clean water, air and good food for them." He mentions the cutting down of seemai karuvelam trees in TN.

He moves that the resolution be adopted. The government makes an assurance that they will look into it and asks Mr. Siva to withdraw the resolution.

3.30 p.m.: Mr. Kharge takes up the issue of the Goa Goavernor's role.

Protests erupt from Treasury benches. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar says that Governor's actions cannot be discussed in the House.

Mr. Kharge says adjournment notice was given and disallowed. "Here I am referring for the Home department." Mr. Thambidurai stands by Speaker's ruling that Governor's conduct cannot be discussed.

S.S. Ahluwalia, MoS for Parliamentary Affairs asks for a ruling. Mr. Thambidurai says he has already ruled on it.

Mr. Kharge says that the Home Department has intervened in the state's affairs. Saugata Roy asks why Governor cannot be discussed if they come under the Home Ministry. "If we can discuss their expenditure, we can discuss the behaviour too."

3 p.m.: L. Ganesan of the BJP speaks next in the Rajya Sabha

Mr. Ganesan says that because of jallikattu, there is an awareness among the people in protecting indigenous breeds. Vijila Satyananth of the AIADMK speaks next, hailing former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa's moves to strengthen organic farming in Tamil Nadu.

3 p.m.: The Lok Sabha has now taken up demands for grants under the Home Ministry.

Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge begins speaking. Deputy Speaker Thambidurai intervenes to say that Home Ministry is more important than Defence Ministry. "Funds for safety of women have been reduced to Rs. 23 crore," says Mr Kharge. "Are these the steps to stop crimes against women?"

2.30 p.m.: The Lok Sabha sees a continued discussion on the demands for grants under the Ministry of Defence

Subhash Bhamre, the MoS for Defence says that criticality in fighter aircraft has been there for 17 years. "We have signed agreements for 40 light combat aircraft with indigenous producers."

Speaker puts cut motions to vote. The Demands for Grants are approved.

2.30 p.m.: Private Members business is on at the Rajya Sabha

Tiruchi Siva of the DMK speaks on the need to amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. "Tamil Nadu has six indigenous cattle breeds. Because of artificial insemination, these breeds have reduced to a few 1,000s." The Member speaks against artifical insemination of cows and says that it must be stopped.

1.05 p.m.: Lok Sabha: Arun Jaitley: In the last two years, 147 contracts have been concluded. 134 proposals for Rs. 4 lakh crore were approved of which only 1 lakh crore is buy global, rest is Make in India.

Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2.30 p.m.

12.55 p.m.: Lok Sabha: Arun Jaitley: National security, preparedness of security personnel and the Defence mechanism — these are not political issues in which political parties keep targeting each other. Some issues have remained unresolved for years, some good policies were implemented for years. Defence forces always deliver when faced with challenges. Issues of national security affairs should be seen without bias. It is easy to say that there should be improvement, we are working on it.

MP Thambidurai interjects: If you allow state governments to address issues, through GST you are reducing the State powers. Jaitley disagrees.

12.50 p.m.: Lok Sabha: When a jawan complained of bad facilities, he is not allowed to meet his family. The present government has not done justice to the Defence personnel.

12.40 p.m.: Rajya Sabha: MoS Manoj Sinha says: We will try to include 1,00,000 villages by March end. Trenching done in 96,000 villages. We will join 2.5 lakh gram panchayats by 2018 end. We will install two WiFi hotspots in all gram panchayats.

12.30 p.m.: Lok Sabha: Jyotiraditya Scindia: This is a fact that the government has put defence sector in the back burner, we have to modernise the Defence forces. The capital expenditure reduced to Rs. 85,000 crore, 90 per cent of it is already for contracted liabilities for procurement of Defence equipment.

Is Rs. 10,000 crore enough to modernise the forces? The government is not giving an adequate budget, which is also is not being spent completely. Rs. 13,000 crore returned from Defence Ministry in 2015, Rs. 7,000 crore last year.

Duel security provisions are not there, fencing and boundary walls are not in place, 3.5 lakh bullet proof jackets were required, only 50,000 provided. Night vision devices are not there, snipers do not have advanced rifles. We have a shortage of 2 lakh assault rifles, 1.5 lakh rifles.

Our Jawans have till today not seen "Acche Din" 42 squadrons needed, we have 33 squadrons, by 2027 it would get reduced to 19. Pakistan has advanced aircrafts, does India not require fifth generation fighters? 212 warships were required by 2022, 138 presently there, 12 per cent capital expenditure reduced.

12.20 p.m.: Rajya Sabha: Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh says, "Waiving off existing 4%, Cabinet has approved Rs. 6,000 crore to aid farmers."

12.20 p.m.: Lok Sabha continues discussion on Defence Ministry's Demand for Grants. Jyotiraditya Scindia: Citizens are safe because of personnel defending the borders. They lay down their lives. But when I see the budget proposals, I find that when it comes to the welfare of the personnel, the government lags far behind.

The public has given them a golden opportunity, but they have not been able to resolve the issues of Defence forces, there is no increase in allocations. The forces have to be revamped completely to plug the loopholes for ensuring national security. Every day Pakistan is indulging in ceasefire violation Pathankot and Uri. Manipur and Nagaland are faced with new insurgents.

In the North, China and Pak corridor is being rolled out, one lakh Chinese troupe will be deployed at the northern front after Gwadar port becomes operational (Pak's Balochistan).

12.10 p.m.: Lok Sabha: Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar's statement on issues to be taken up next week, as Opposition members shout. Speaker announces no zero hour today and disallows all adjournment motions.

12 noon: Question Hour begins in RS

11.55 a.m.: Lok Sabha: BJP member raises issue of wilful defaulters of bank loans. MoS Finance: 9130 such cases of default involving Rs. 91,155 crores loan. Suit filed against hundreds, over 2,000 FIRs are registered. Banks are making public the names nd photographs of the defaulters through websites.

BJD MP Balasore: Other government finance institutions also show loan defaults running into thousands of crores, you have provided the list only for nationalised banks.

MoS Finance: In (Mallya) the case highlighted by the member, loan was given in September 2004, 2008 it was renewed, was declared NPA in 2009 and then restructured. We have attached assets of over Rs.8000 crore in that case.

Revenue through cess is used for infrastructure development, says Finance Minister.

Question House comes to an end, paper laying begins.

11.40 a.m.: Lok Sabha:  K.C. Venugopal: Children in homes and orphanages have been sexually harassed in several states. Juvenile Justice Act is there but it has to be implemented forcefully. How much has Nirbhaya fund alloted for this?

Maneka Gandhi says: child helplines are working well, 4 lakh phone calls are received every month. Within an hour, action is taken for emergency cases. Many children are sexually assaulted by people they know, for that we have opened an e-box, in which hundreds of complaints have been received. Action is being taken.

11.40 a.m.: Rajya Sabha adjourned till noon.

11.30 a.m.: Lok Sabha: TN is taking sincere steps to protect street children under integrated scheme, what steps are being taken by the Centre, asks AIADMK member.

The government does not maintain any data on street and destitute children, as the population is huge. Chennai did not have many such children, as per a survey in 2014 in Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata.

Women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi says: We are running shelters and child care institutions. There is a SoP in place what to do with the street and destitute children. We pay for NGOs to run institution, have increased number of child care institutions by 500, now it is 2283.

For the first time, we did a mapping of each institution. 9,000 in total, we have asked the unregistered ones to get enrolled.

Congress member Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary raises issue of child trafficking, nursing homes in West Bengal involved in illegal adoption practices.

Maneka Gandhi says: New born children are stolen and sold, trafficked abroad, in one case in West Bengal this happened. Every single day we keep a watch on such instances, we have done intensive study on children, keep watch on suspicious nursing homes. Immediate action is taken on complaints.

We have zero tolerance to such a situations. Many of the kids belong to parents who themselves are vagabonds.

11.25 a.m.: Rajya Sabha: Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad says, "You say governor's conduct can't be discussed. Digvijaya just said the governor said she did not expect BJP can form govt. She has said that she discussed with leader of the House here. How can governor take permission of a cabinet govt? How can this be permissible?"

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi says, "They are insulting people's mandate and your ruling. We are ready to discuss."

Congress members start sloganeering in well of the House.


Chair Kurien says, "I am not against any discussion. Govt is also ready. Only thing is you have to observe the formality. Tell me if I am not being reasonable. I am not refusing any discussion."

Digvijaya Singh says: I have been a legislator since 1977. I am not making an allegation. This is governor's own statement⁠⁠⁠⁠. Mr. Arun Jaitley is a member of this house. I want to raise a public issue.

To which Kurien replies: Even if you want to discuss the conduct of a member of the House, there should be a notice.

Ghulam Nabi Azad asks: Can the House be adjourned for one hour so that we can give substantive motion?

11.25 a.m.: Lok Sabha: BJP member Ashok M. Nete says, "Although the one rank one pension scheme has been implemented, it is not enough. What steps are being taken for resettlement of ex-servicemen?"

MoS Defence replies: Pre and post retirement training being given to servicemen. Job opportunities in central government, nationalism banks, several security and transportation schemes are available for re-employment. 41,764 personnel have been given jobs in security companies. Dairy companies and other ventures are giving second employment to ex-servicemen.

11.20 a.m.: Rajya Sabha: Sukhendu Shekhar Roy says govt should not sell Bengal chemicals. BJP interrupts, says they did not stake claim in Goa first. Chairman Kurien asks the members to allow Zero Hour to go on or it will be adjourned.

11.18 a.m.: Lok Sabha: MoS Faggan Singh Kulaste: 28,000 doctors inducted for work in villages, bonus being extended to the doctors working in villages.

We have provided 50 per cent reservation in PG courses for doctors working in remote villages.

We will probe the allegations of malpractice.

11.11 a.m.: Lok Sabha: Saugata Roy's turn to ask question. Ayush system is getting popular by the day as it has no side effects, but there is no standardised system of treatment. What the government is doing about it?

Minister's reply: Two years ago, the department was set up, inspectors have been deployed to conduct regular checks. It will soon be standardised, which will help in the exports of Ayurveda medicines, which presently treated as food supplements abroad.

In TN, 276 hospitals are there. Two Ayurveda and one homeopathy hospitals included, the rest of Siddha system of treatment.

MoS replies: We plan to supply Ayush medicines through the 3,000 stores opened for providing generic medicines.

Ayurveda provides preventive medicines as well, today most are lifestyle diseases. If we take preventive medicines, through Yoga and naturopathy, we can prevent such diseases. NGOs are also to be involved to cultivate herbs.

11.10 a.m.: Prahlad Singh Patel asks. Diagnosis methods in traditional systems of treatment are not recognised by the modern system. Is there any plan to promote that?

"We are working on introducing the system of "nadi-parikshan" system of Ayurveda in the educational system," says the minister.

11.05 a.m.: Question Hour begins.

Congress member S.P. Muddahanme Gowda asks if government intends to commence Ayush facilities in alopathic hospitals. MoS Ayush says we are working on it. "For this, we are giving Rs. 20 lakh to State primary health care centres."

"Health is a State subject, we are providing financial support. Under the Ayush scheme, we are providing Rs.10.5 crore to each district for 50-bedded hospitals.

11.00 a.m.: Lok Sabha proceedings begin. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan is in the Chair.

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